Ariel   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Former Admin for the Vatican City Servers(left on my own choice cause got other things to do, and quarter system says no time to dedicate to tf2)
-I dont do much on steam anymore, off to colelge, playing league of legends and edh, left tf2 long ago
Comp TF2 Ranking: High open-low mid IM
-Team status:
Im done, just going sub/ride and mentor or not play.

TF2 Comp Experience
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]
S17 Steel ISFD (3-3) med only 1 legit win
S18 Iron ISFD (5-3) med
S19 Steel team died pre season
S20 Steel STD (3-2) engie team dies to roster lock
S21 Silver (Both teams died before w2) med
S22 Silver (Team died before w3) med
S23 Steel HVVC (10-2) 1st place med/co lead/schedule. Apperently first team to 2-0 all steel playoff matches. Also highkey sandbag team
S24 Silver GFC (5-3) sub/roster ride I want a shiny badge>>main med cause no other meds around
S20 Iron SONS (5-4) Playoffs scout main
S21 Iron HYP (6-3) Playoffs scout main
S22 Steel HYP (5-3) 13th place, ugc changed playoffs to top 8 from top 16 so no playoffs or silver promo xDDDDDD scout sub
S23 Steel HYP (5-3) Promoted to silver for next season, leaves team to meme/coach steel some more cause dumb mistakes scout sub
S24 Steel .tf (4-4) said team from above, was great personalities, not so much skill coach/med
S25 Silver 6gum (5-2) 6th place, ugc changed playoffs to top 4 from top 8 so no playoffs or palt promo xDDDDD * finds out that if i stayed i wouldve been in plat med
S26 lft plat, found one, but it died, went over to open, did find another but that one died too
S10 Silver lft (3-5) sub
S11 Silver .weareemo (5-4) playoffs xDDD leader
S12 Silver 3 weebs and a chimp (5-4) leader we made playoffs again rofl
ESEA [play.esea.net]
S23 Open 4cast (3-2) med lead wasnt happy with mid open
S27 Open ShroomGang (9-7) med mid open>ugc plat
Pop Your Pans! (5.5-2) team made playoffs LMAO
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Edgy comment here
Disclaimer, general info something something thingy
-Most of the artwork i have is just shit i like and wanted to share. Id say 90% is google images or a screen shot of what i watching on my phone, they shitty edits are OG though

--Steam statuses cause people cant tell what they mean
Online: My PC is on and im doing shit, will respond most of the time unless i forgot to toggle status or im on mobile
Away: Not here
Busy: Leave a message or just dont say anything cause im trying to watch anime, play a non steam game, or do homework. I wont start a conversation most of the time
Offline: Not here, prob wont see a message cause steam doesnt send offline msg's well

Anime related info
-Yes I watch anime, I enjoy the story, character developement, writing, art style, and relatability. I also do enjoy it especially when the writing makes you feel attached, something TV shows from everywhere else don't do.

--Feel free to talk to me about anime, I am always open to discussion.

---random list of some of the anime I’ve seen, there is a good amount I’ve forgotten ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no
particular order fuck that shit

~Monogatari Series(going in airing order)
~Darling in the Franxx
~Hibike Euphonium!
~New Game
~Madoka Magica
~Neon Genesis Evangelion
~Gurren Laggan
~Little Witch Academia
~Toji No Miko
~Girl's Last Tour
~Recovery of an MMO Junkie
~Girls Und Panzer
~Kantai Collection: Kancolle
~Land of the Lustorous
~Yuru Camp(literally the safest and cutest thing on here)
~Konohana Kitan
~Aho Girl
~Mistobushi Colors
~Qualidea Code
~Hinako Note
~Steins Gate
~Just Because
~Date A Live
~Anne Happy
~Love Lab
~Azumanga Daioh
~Fruit Basket
~High school DxD(the 4th season is trash)
~Seitokai Yakuindomo
~Blend S
~Chrono Crusade
~Gundam(first one)
~Sailor Moon

----The one god tier that smokes everyone in everything
My Neighbor Totoro and others by Studio Ghibli

----If you want to recomend me an anime pls just link it to me in dm's or tell me the name or comment it on my profile and if it looks good I will added it to my file of animes to watch/currently watching. I have no genre prefrences.

-----As for waifus/favourite characters more than one a series prob, i just go with what looks cute or fits my mood/has a good pfp
Misc info about what I enjoy
-I play Tenor Sax and Flute in Highschool and look to do tenor in college and flute as a side hobby

--I'm actively a weeb. Deal with it.

-If you got any questions, just ask. If you want to play some TF2 with me just dm me in steam, if im online or in game I should be able to respond, if I dont check game info, might be in a comp game or I just walked away. PLS don't invite me without saying what it is.

Wall of memes mostly comp shenanigans
HVVC | #prayfortexas : Hollar if you cant get ringers so I can go do more important stuffs
[SOAP] Your attacker had 125 health remaining.
* Pyritefish but good changed name to Pyritefish but toxic
Dr.Yuritaka : ^some of us have hentai to watch

Knavish : gg dont use a 30 tick server next game pls


sheep : vinyl is female weeb and a trap

in refrence to demo mains
Wall | FLan.tf : ask him to call to pop every time u hit a corner

6:07 PM - b99: we died after we playued you guys
6:07 PM - b99: we died 6 - 1
6:07 PM - DrYuritaka: ye caquse we destroy teams
6:07 PM - b99: calm ur ego I know its ard to admit I won
6:07 PM - DrYuritaka: we threw with subs to end your team
6:07 PM - DrYuritaka: was the plan all along
6:07 PM - DrYuritaka: build up that ego
6:07 PM - DrYuritaka: topple the team
6:07 PM - b99: you didnt end tho
6:08 PM - b99: wtf
6:08 PM - DrYuritaka: make playoffs easier for the other teams
6:08 PM - b99: im confused
6:08 PM - DrYuritaka: create some interesting stuff
6:09 PM - DrYuritaka: or just plainly enjoy hearing you say "shoulda/clouda gotten first" when you lost round 1.

Other memes

11:07 PM - DrYuritaka: can i call phill the 0-5 mastery 7 panth one trick?
11:07 PM - iluh: NO XD
11:08 PM - DrYuritaka: ok 2 trick

[Admin] Dr.Yuritaka : hi ppls
DEAD Mr. Gifter : Aaaand logging off.

my 6s history is a meme
play off iron
doesnt go to steel instead another playoff iron
playoff steel
doesnt go to silver instead memes steel
6th place silver 6s but playoffs are top 4... if i stayed on roster would be in plat, but i left
And insert 2 seasons of esea from a team that died but would’ve gone 8-8/9-7 and one in high open going 9-7 or something


'log off before yuritaka starts using admin powers against me'-Mr.Gifter

"*DEAD* Dr.Yuri : it isnt about how ass you are but how thicc your ass is"

"ive been single for 19 years maybe i should just be gay"- jaybird

6:32 PM - Green.and.Gold #Frybutt: if it's ok could we use this ringer?
6:32 PM - Green.and.Gold #Frybutt: *link to a mumble server, removed it so no one would use it*
6:32 PM - Green.and.Gold #Frybutt: highest experience is one season of silver sixes
6:33 PM - DrYuri: wait you sent me a mumble server
6:33 PM - DrYuri: how does a mumble server play tf2

8:21 PM - DrYuri lft mid open+ s28: win 4s for me
8:21 PM - kung fu kenny: i got you homie
8:21 PM - DrYuri lft mid open+ s28: and use "i won silver 4s" as a pick up line on tinder
8:21 PM - kung fu kenny: YES
8:22 PM - kung fu kenny: dude i might win silver hl, 6s and 4s and RGL
8:22 PM - kung fu kenny: the amount of pick up lines

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Du hast the gay lmao
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Yuru Camp is getting a season 2
DrScartch Jul 3, 2018 @ 8:32am 
Lol yea
HykianWhiskey Jul 3, 2018 @ 2:08am 
https://youtu.be/GXWgHnXWV4c , Painfully true
HykianWhiskey Jun 26, 2018 @ 11:37am 
https://youtu.be/zTOMoOXu5Fs , hope it's not too weird for you, Blend S full post, original