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I am Dr Vincent Ivan Wolf, owner of Wolfbots (we solve problems). I deal in mad science first and foremost, but I am also a narrator. My current projects include building a security system for the company P.U.N, building The Svenssons show theme park and studying the effects and uses of the newly discovered Marysueium. But you may also know me as as a strategist and fighter for RED and BLU. When playing, keep an eye out for:

1 Vincent's ironophone (Rainblower)
2 The Groke (Sticky launcher)
3 Tymor the rabbit gods nightmare-maker (Sandman)
4 Cornelius Jackalope horns
5 Sniper at the gates of dawn rifle

Cheers mate!

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Syrune Dec 7, 2015 @ 3:19pm 
Thank you too, it was fun playing rock-paper-scissors with you!
One small step for sloth Feb 8, 2014 @ 8:12am 
Where did you get a phd from!?!
MR bunny Sep 30, 2013 @ 12:18pm 
Thank you very much for helping me.
Sharpy Sep 13, 2012 @ 5:03pm 
first! hoowa.