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Valve employees do not need to "check" your items. You're being scammed.

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Hi kids
Beware of impostors. If you get a link saying "LOLOL free hats!" you probably shouldn't click it...

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Bumbefly Sony Test םו 10 hours ago 
For Valve jobs see the Valve website. This is Steam, not completely the same.
BLUE 14 hours ago 
Hey man how i become a valve emplooy?
Kurumi Tokisaki 23 hours ago 
how does Valve know you own that credit card? simply verify your ownership and you can gift all the passes you want.
- shentvis ❤ for ff 23 hours ago 
Hello add freind
Hey man, your credit card authorization thing sucks. I cant gift my friend BattlePass. Such poor software engineering. Pathetic.:cozyspaceengineersc:
NoFace[M.o.T.F.2] May 26 @ 8:18pm 
Soooo when are the golden wrench's gonna come back?