Andrej Arsovski   Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
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F♰reF♰st [☠] Aug 8 @ 12:24pm 
useless game ruiner
Dehok Jul 13 @ 5:30am 
tip us more pls, ty for free mmr
+30 Jun 24 @ 11:43am 
You are probably worst ever played on this divine bracket. Hope you drop down soon. Terrible + noob.
Look how many cute comments you have in this profile, let me add another one:
Macedonians people are good for stealing copper and get banged on the street for 2 euros. As you can see "playing dota" is not one of your best qualities, so please avoid that.
5 Apr 22 @ 12:39pm 
dont go stack with your trash teammates, delete dota
бетмен Apr 19 @ 4:09pm 
macedonian sniper