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Posted: Sep 9, 2016 @ 8:10am

Early Access Review
Ark: Survival Evolve is an amazing concept that thus far, has been executed very well. The devs have been responsive, new content is deliver often, a new DLC has even been released. In my opinion, Ark is amazing. That being said... Survival of the Fittest is NOT Ark.

SOTF strips away everything that I love about Ark. The semi-relaxed gameplay allowing one to play at their own pace, the discovery of new species of dinos, the optional PVP element and the amazing graphics are what made me fall in love with Ark. SOFT keeps the graphics, although you wont be able to appreciate them because without a very high end PC, you have to run this game in Medium to Low graphics to be competitive, but loses the causal aspect of the game. Its stripped of a plethora of the species of dinos in the main game, and what we are left with is an overly competitive shell of what Ark used to be.

That being said, I do like this game for what it is. It is a fast paced, crafting FPS focused entire on PVP. Building as quickly as you can to prepare for the ever increasing moment where you'll be in a fight for your life, which will happen within a 30 minute period. You or you and some friends will be pitted against other "survivors" in a Hunger Games style arena and only the Fittest will Survive.

The Doctor's Final Report: 7/10; If you love Ark, give this a try. If you love Hunger Game style games, give this a try. If you love survival crafting games... leave it alone.
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