alias +CrookHasSwag "+duck; +jump; -forward; -back";

alias -CrookHasSwag "-duck; -jump;";

bind "SPACE" +CrookHasSwag;
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jkrum 17 JUL 2019 a las 11:12 a. m. 
+rep getting coached by the best + he is big gay
ADV-FLY 26 JUN 2019 a las 8:08 p. m. 
+rep he gay and fortnite player
BunBoy™ 10 NOV 2018 a las 6:02 p. m. 
lmfao gay
opachki 23 AGO 2018 a las 5:33 p. m. 
very uwu
Jag 2 AGO 2018 a las 1:19 p. m. 
-rep is the big gey