Trevor McAleese   Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Solo dev behind Gigachess !
If you need any kind of support, just let me know and I'll be happy to help :)
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Drixxel Apr 6, 2017 @ 4:39pm 
@Chebyshevrolet, ahaha! These most recent 12 that gradually got rolled out to v1.13 are probably the last ones XD
Chebyshevrolet Apr 6, 2017 @ 4:37pm 
i keep getting all the gigachess achievements and you guys keep adding more! will the madness never end?? :P awesome game btw
The Marxman 👾 Feb 16, 2017 @ 8:32am 
Drixxel Feb 16, 2017 @ 8:11am 
Haha, I figured! But it would actually be a pretty funny profile pic.
The Marxman 👾 Feb 16, 2017 @ 7:54am 
its baby screaming goku its a joke
Drixxel Feb 16, 2017 @ 6:40am 
Hey, thanks for the kid Goku! I'll hang on to this :)