James Hawkins   Wiltshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I don't play PAYDAY anymore. Unreal 4 Modder, Former PAYDAY 2 Native Linux Player, and Hitman player. Quite the mouthful.

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After so.... so much pain , I present to you, the model for Lil Zanotto, from the 2005 cult classic Psychonauts!

[*]Bracelet Bodygroup (Bracelet, No Bracelet)
[*]Ten Viseme's (Smile, OO, Oh, EE, AE, AH, MB, FV, L
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Created by - Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt
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Vanilla Sep 14 @ 11:11pm 
marten, You couldn't sound more like a scammer even if you tried lmao
the marten ever Sep 14 @ 10:13pm 
Greetings Dribble, I am. I wish to add you and to my friend list, but not for the usual things like "hey, how ya doing," no I wish for it for business, but I wish to do it from pm so no one might do it before I do, if it is okay
Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt Aug 27 @ 5:20am 
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Nighthawk Aug 24 @ 6:09pm 
Thanks for your help with payday on linux over the years, I fully understand why you are done and respect the decision to leave. Hoping your heart will feel less heavy because of it. Be free and have fun!
Dribbleondo-Van-Pelt Aug 22 @ 1:57pm 
GreenSwede Aug 22 @ 1:53pm 
blessed Isabelle pfp