Dr. Fallen
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Favourite Quotes
Fallen the MoonBear - (GU|Galdor/GU|Birch)
Fallen over,op meh - (HXϟ} GamerKM (map maker)

GamerKM: hey hey fallen guess
GamerKM: whay
GamerKM: ima give you a unusual
GamerKM: hurrrr hurr
GamerKM: im a duck

SgtVanGelder: I got the seal mask it was pretty op

TOA - Dax: They need to Gibus more variety xD?

Jah: ah it's my first festive aswell
Jah: you took my virginity
Dr.Fallen: YUS
Jah: hhahaha
Jah: don't sound too happy, perv ;p

Pistolero : i give up on dr fallen, suicide sheep that dude

Dr.Fallen: Makes me wanna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0
Lynode: no
Lynode: just no
Dr.Fallen: xDDD
Dr.Fallen: Coming in like a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My2FRPA3Gf8
Lynode: wrecking ball?
Lynode: didnt even click the link
Dr.Fallen: ah huh
Dr.Fallen: even though it isnt that
Lynode: fuck you
Lynode: you tricked me into clicking it
Lynode: what a cunt
Dr.Fallen: xD
Dr.Fallen: Literally coming in like a reking ball
Lynode: *sighs*
Dr.Fallen: hahahahaha

Ataraxia: I almost screamed
Dr.Fallen: <3

SgtVanGelder: Your going to have to pull out, so i can cum in the car

Dr.Fallen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LdHy095Bvk
Coala: oh gawd, no. I've already seen it. I cried a little
Dr.Fallen: hahahaa
Dr.Fallen: every f2p nub
Coala: It's not that they are bad at the game, that is fine. But none of the teens have ever played on a pc before? And no basic mouse control? fml
Dr.Fallen: mouse control? You mean how far I keep the cheese away so it doesn't run away too much
Coala: ...
Coala: I
Coala: I'm not even gonna give a proper response to that.
Dr.Fallen: but it was a question that needs answering!
Coala: I've never been around so many mice that I couldn't control them, no.
Dr.Fallen: Oh well that's good

Lynode: PFFFFF
Lynode: btw we need to mate
Lynode: bout time
Lynode: meet
Lynode: not mate
Lynode: abort
Lynode: i meant to type we need to meet, COMMA mate
Lynode: we most certainly dont need to mate
Dr. Fallen: Welp thats going on my profile
Lynode: hahaahahah

Previous Ownership & Administration
(2012-17) HaxicleSticks (Admin & Developer)
(2012-13) GamersUnited & KritzKast (L2 Admin)
(2012-13) Glasgow Deamon Public [DMN] (Admin)
(2012) Royal Warehouse And Bank of TF2 (Owner & Founder)
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Q: Could you tell that guy on your friends list to add me?
A: No. If you have added someone they will decide if they want to add you or not.

Q: I've just started playing a game could you give me free stuff?
A: Check my inventory [tenor.com]

Q: Can I add you as a friend?
A: If we've met in a public or private lobby somewhere sure thing for anything else leave a comment below letting me know why otherwise I tend to ignore to prevent spam users.

Q. What are your system specs?

Intel Xeon E5-1680v3 (8 Core/16Thread) Overclocked to 4.3Ghz
128GB DDR4 @ 2133Mhz ECC
512GB Samsung 970 Evo [Main Drive]
2TB Samsung 860 Evo [SSD Games]
4TB WD Red Pro HDD 7.2K 128MB Cache [Archive]
4TB WD Red Pro HDD 7.2K 256MB Cache [HDD Games]
Nvidia 2080Ti 11GB GDDR6 EVGA SCC

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Ownerships & Administration
Owner & Founder of Kinevo Network

Awards/Things I'm Known For
GamersUnited: Admin of the Month: January 2013
KritzKast Player Of The Week: #Episode 212 (17.03.2013) [www.kritzkast.com]
Hudas Iscariote - Team Fortress 2 HUD Developer (2013-2017)

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Over 3000 Hours in TF2 , Sign Up date 17th April 2012 , 200+ Steam Games, Level 45+ Profile
| steamname: Dr.Fallen
| steam3ID: [U:1:101870682]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:50935341
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062136410
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/drfallen25
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198062136410

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Mr Kaede
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