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I was born deaf. I am currently both deaf and hard of hearing. For clarity in regard to my disability:

I am completely deaf when I'm not wearing my hearing aids. I don't use my hearing aids when I'm sleeping, going into the pool, or taking a shower, etc.

Hard of Hearing means being able to hear with hearing aids, but not to the fullest extent. I wear hearing aids almost all the time, especially while I'm gaming/fragging. However, there is still slight deafness in my ears while wearing the hearing aids, because there are certain noises that I cannot fully hear such as beeping, etc.

I have a speech impediment/disorder that I cannot control. Speech impediment is a side effect from being disabled my whole life. There are times that I will speak very clearly or unintelligibly.

Also, I cannot make out words from what other people are saying, because I'm used to lipreading ever since I was a child and I always paid attention to my interpreters.

Thanks for reading and understanding. :smug:

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KING OF HATE SPEECH Oct 11 @ 5:15pm 
hi drakky, used to play cs 1.6 with you. most random player in the competitive scene. added you on friends
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Hey could you sign my profile please? That would mean a lot :uralboss:
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idk who you are but thanks for profile sign i will cherish it forever
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Bro my best friend is in a similar boat as you. HOWEVER, don't troll because I happened to miss a trade. That game was winnable. :steamfacepalm::steamsalty::steamfacepalm::TheGloriousLeader: