Isle of Wight, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Oh great, what do I put here now that I have that big info box down there...?
Well, hello there! I like pie, and pizza, and also butts. Not in that order. Unless it's favourite last. YEAH!
Give me some please!
Currently Online
Welcome to my lair! Entry fee: Your butt.
:roar: RAARR!! :roar:
I'm just one of those big smelly dragons. But a friendly, open-minded one, who accepts and respects all who would do the same for me!
Feel free to poke, there's only about 69% chance I'll bite!
(Though I don't usually accept friend requests unless we are acquainted somehow, or have something in common, or something.)

WARNING: Dragon may contain filthy perviness. Handle a dirty dragon with care, lest he claim your tasty parts!

If you see the size of my Wishlist, don't think "Whoa, greedy bastard!". It's not like that! D: I'm not asking people to buy me hundreds of games!
It's not so much a list of games that I wish for, more a list to remind me of games that I'm interested in getting some day.
Too many games these days, it's hard to keep track!

I also record game playthroughs (Let's Plays) for YouTube, and even MAKE games sometimes! Many links are below!

YouTube Channels:
Piece of Pie Software (Game playthroughs)
PieDragonPS (Vlogs, game making, and MORE)
Piece of Pie LIVE (Live streamed gaming)

Other Stuff:
I make FREE games! - Download them here! [gamejolt.com] ~ Or HERE, if you prefer!
My Live Stream - Watch me play/make games, and chat LIVE! [twitch.tv]
My Twitter - News of life, events, and game development!
My Facebook Group - Also news of life, events, and game development!
PoPS Forum - It's pretty much dead, but it's there if you care. [popsoftware.proboards.com]

Favourite Things (best first):
Hobbies: Playing/Making Games, Watching Stuff
Games: Doom, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Ys SEVEN, Dead Space
Game Series: Ys, Doom, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls
Game Devs: Nihon Falcom, Id Software, Squaresoft, Nintendo
Game Genres: RPG, FPS, Platformer
Game Characters: Yoshi, Derkeethus, Spyro, Charizard, Garrus
Movies: Lord of the Rings, Die Hard, Harry Potter
TV Shows: LOST, Stargate SG-1, Game of Thrones
Actors: Simon Pegg, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis
YouTubers: Ashens, JonTronShow, RoahmMythril
Streamers: Backloggery, Vinny Vinesauce, LobosJR
Websites: YouTube, Backloggery, Good Old Games
Animes: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Made In Abyss, Death Note
Music Genres: Video Game Music, Rock/Metal (Power, Melodic, Heavy)
Bands: Machinae Supremacy, The Offspring, Sonata Arctica
Foods: Pizza, Cheese, Peanut Butter, YOU! (I am a dragon, after all)
Drinks: Chocolate Milkshake, Coffee
Creatures: Reptiles (Dragons, Dinos, Crocs/Gators, all others), Birds, Wolves
Seasons: Autumn, Winter
Body Part: BUTT!

One day, there was a :dragonhelmet: <--- As you can see, he's quite moody! JEEZ!
What's his deal?? Well, he wants this: :bbtgem:, but it's being defended by :roar:!
DAMN, what a grump! Are all lizards so angry?? :crocodilesmile: Oh, apparently not. He's a happy fella!
So the :crocodilesmile: helped the :dragonhelmet: get the :bbtgem: from the :roar:, who turned out to just be a cute little :pet:, so they all became friends, and met up with :microraptor: and :snake: for a nice lunch together at a place with a cool sign outside ---> :dragon2:.

Oh and, by the way... :snake: WIGGLE! :snake:
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Baron ASS!

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Scungus Jun 25 @ 9:44pm 
It's MEEEE. This is the right person :)
Drakiah Jun 25 @ 8:40am 
Thank ya SKEET, glad you're still around, and I'm happy to be remembered after so many years. The original F.E.A.R trilogy was probably some of my favourite playthroughs to do back in those golden days of YouTube.
I hope you continue to enjoy any more that you may end up watching!
Unfortunately I prefer to only add people I know a bit better, as it's kinda separate from my YouTube stuff, a more personal kind of place. Nothing against you, I hope you understand.
:P6: Have some Doom instead :P6:
Older Fan watch your F.E.A.R videos.
Drakiah Jun 22 @ 2:15pm 
Nooo, I need more comments here too, it gets very lonely in this cave...
cgraham6 Jun 22 @ 1:13pm 
Mistake noted. I apologize profusely to his dragony-ness.
Butane Boss Jun 17 @ 3:53am 
This is his profile, not his Steam Group.