The Dragonmaster   Indiana, United States
:kodp_dragon: Dodongo dislikes smoke
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Welcome Young Traveler!
Welcome to my little dwelling. Quite nice, isn't it? I'm the Dragonmaster, a powerful mage:staMage: and protector of this land.:paradiseisland:

I understand there are a few reasons one might stop in. If you are here for a pint and to chat, by all means, I love a good talk and a round of ale for my pals! :dragonjug: :dragonjug: :Gauntlet_Ham:

If you're here because you fancy one of my hoods:redwizard:, you'll be disappointed to learn they're not for sale :hehheheh:. I keep them safe in that case down there.:kodp_dragon:

If you're one of those thieves :csgoanarchist: or scammers:Muty: trying to take my treasures, well you best turn right around and go back the way you came!:zapper:

If you're here because you'd like to browse my wares :crate:, look down below at my little shop. There may not be much, but it's a living, I guess.:Dragon_Key:

I will not accept friend requests from:
:happyhf: level 0 profiles
:happyhf: private profiles
:happyhf: -rep profiles
:happyhf: gambling profiles

now with that out of the way, allow me to welcome you once again to my little village:D:. We've got plenty of room in the inn [discord.gg], so feel free to stay awhile. Don't forget to speak to me every now and then so I know you're alive!:demoticon:

There are lots of activities I enjoy, including:

:sentry:Team Fortress:sentry:
I am a pyro main :trouble_flame::mcowh_fire:, and love screwing around in pubs with my friends. My favorite place to frequent is Doublecross, but you'l also commonly find me in Sawmill, Merc Park, Borneo, and Upward.

I've got a sweet castle with plenty of arenas to fight bosses and sieges:XSwords:. Invite me to play or come join me in my world!

:cartridge:Retro Games:cartridge:
I own just about every game console since the SEGA Mastersystem. I love playing retro games, mainly NES and Super NES titles!

:zapper:Duck Hunt

Drawing is kind of fun. You might be here because you've seen some of my work around the internet. In that case, let me know if you'd want a comission, I don't charge much!:B1:

Well, I think that's it. Feel free to stay and rest traveler.
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:Dragon_Key::fierydragon::crate: DRAGON ROOST TRADING POST :crate::fierydragon::Dragon_Key:
Hello again traveler! Welcome to the trading post! Feel free to browse my wares. Prices are negotiable.

'72 Taunt: I See You - Such a fine item, for normal members, 6:Reset_Key:
Dragon Slayer Rocket Launcher(Factory New) - Dragon scale pattern on a rocket launcher! 2:Reset_Key:

:tradingcardfoil::tradingcard:I've got plenty of trading cards to swap if you need any, traveler!

Other things in my backpack :rucksack: may be for trade, but rarely are my pyro items for trade :flaregun:

Artwork will cost you a 3:Reset_Key:-5:Reset_Key: for normal members, depending on what you want
Gold members pay 1:Reset_Key: for art
Platinum members get free artwork

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Artemis_Phoenix The Second Jul 15 @ 8:28pm 
What is being sucked and when is it being sucked?
DragonmasterDX Jul 14 @ 8:28pm 
:hehheheh: no pls
Artemis_Phoenix Jul 14 @ 4:57pm 
Did somebody say suck?
greyli Jul 14 @ 4:50pm 
i wanna suck you
I Sexually Identify As Autism Jul 14 @ 12:03am 
Also you might need to help me with getting the artwork to me as I am very new to this
I Sexually Identify As Autism Jul 14 @ 12:00am 
Hey how much for an artwork that’s similar to the pixel pyro does a bounce one. I will go into a little more detail later on what I want it to look like