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Myself: Coach, Doctor, Shoutcaster, Scholar, Author, Gentleman, Bad Boy!

If you're checking out my profile for DBD reasons, then read the following:

1. My in-game chat is disabled, so I'm not going to read anything you may or may not say. Also, assume I say gg at the end of each game.

2. If you want to add me just to convey your salt or your toxicity, then don't waste your time because I care for neither. I will usually ignore most random friend requests from DBD games.

3. I don't give a fuck about made-up unspoken rules or memes in-game, and I'm not going to waste time explaining myself to a bunch of random strangers.

4. I mostly play for points, but if you're mad because you didn't kill me or because I ended up killing you, grow the fuck up! That's the name of the game and if you have a problem with that, then you shouldn't play DBD at all!
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My pet badger when he's pissed!
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