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Massachusetts, United States
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Shiken 18 окт в 14:20 
hello do you have bitcoin, I have a taunt I want to trade for Shiba Inu Coins
Barbarossa 17 окт в 6:58 
🦎 +rep good player🦎
₳₦o₦у𝐌𝙤ɄŞ 30 сен в 11:54 
hello, i am doing a trade for knife and need your help for a safe and secured trade. please accept my friend request. thank you
🌓🎃SPOOKY -KITTY🎃🌓 27 сен в 18:41 
:tape::balloonicorn:+rep :balloonicorn::tape:

Hey, thank you very much nwn <3 is my first trade in a serious way
ควยสวะ SMILE 1 сен в 18:49 
I have question sir
Tazee1 29 авг в 10:23 
added cuz funny