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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 5:06am

Squeaky Clean

Clean 100% of blood in any contract
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 11:14am

Novice Collector

Find your first secret item
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 4:42am

Now You See Me...

Escape capture five times in any single contract
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 4:50am

…Now You Don't

Hide while in view of an enemy five times durin any single contract
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 11:00am

Catch Me If You Can

Be pursued by an enemy for five seconds
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 4:46am

I Will Survive

Fail a contract five times during a single playthrough

Done Cleaning

Complete all story contracts


Complete all movie-themed bonus contracts

Cleaner's New Threads

Play a contract wearing an unlockable costume

Fashion Freak

Unlock all costumes


Clean 100% of blood in all story contracts

Expert Collector

Find all secret items

Here Comes A New Challenger!

Check out any Challenge mode

Challenge Seeker

Play all Challenge modes

BOOM! Headshot!

Get killed by a Shooter for the first time

Hey, Listen!

Get at least four enemies to investigate a sound decoy


Complete any night-time contract 20 times
0 / 20

I Can See Clearly Now

Complete any daytime contract 20 times
4 / 20

Well Oriented

Use Cleaner Sense for a total of at least 10 minutes
3 / 10

Made You Look

Make an enemy react to a missing item or body bag 100 times
79 / 100


Slide on blood for a total of 45 seconds in any single contract

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Use a shortcut to escape an enemy and then get caught by an enemy at the other side

Hello Boys!

Be pursued by at least three enemies simultaneously

Well Informed

Read a newspaper 15 times
4 / 15

TV and Chill

Watch TV 15 times
4 / 15

Tuned In

Listen to the radio 15 times
3 / 15

Mommy's Little Boy

Talk to Mom 15 times
4 / 15

Body Removal Service

Dispose of 150 bodies
35 / 150