Henry 'dozeR' D.   Belgium
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Please don't add me to your friends list if you don't know me. If you want to contact me, thank to leave me a comment.

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Who is dozeR?
You are here because you're suspecting me cheating... Learn to use your eyes and ears better !
My one and only cheat is my brain.

:GG_endorlight::Letter_O::Letter_D: :GL_endorlight::letter_E::GG_endorlight::letter_E::Letter_N::Letter_D:

This is my first Steam account, that of the previous account link:
Ceci est mon premier compte Steam, voici le lien du précédent:

:p2aperture: Counter-Strike: Source (2,149 hours)
:p2aperture: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (454 hours)

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:grail: Achievement Offline > :grail:

Top 5/8 Call-@ LAN 5v5 at @-Call CyberCafé in Louvain-la-Neuve 2005 (CS 1.6)

:grail: Achievement Online > :grail:

4nd Tournoi2jeu #4 5v5 Classique - with Los Pistoleros de la Noche (coverage^, HiJo, QNk, Nexus)
1st Tournoi2jeu #3 5v5 Classique - with WP s1mple (coverage^, CroM, JZtwww, CRANKY)
3nd Tournoi2jeu #2 5v5 Classique - with pluR (nkz, pr0, KiiirAMAZING, F_, coverage^)
2nd Tournoi2jeu #1 5v5 Classique - with WP s1mple (coverage^, CroM, x 1 M E, krumpzeN)
4nd GDGC Cup #1 5v5 Classique - with SmokeEveryday (WeeD, ParaZiiiiite, BELEEEK, PORtos)


:p2aperture: Pseudo IG: dozeR // hMd
:p2aperture: 0:0:1337
:p2aperture: 25 years
:p2aperture: Since 2k7
:p2aperture: Support - AWP
:p2aperture: Experience: CrossFire US (3 years) - CS 1.6 (1 year) - CS:S (7 years) - CS:GO (3 years)
:p2aperture: LEVEL // Mid-

Played for >

:csgoglobe: Counter-Strike 1.6 :csgoglobe:

:9mm:STRAFE AND WIN Mix (with le Poireau Malefique, kTN`, binet, lordE) - CS 1.6

:csgoglobe: Counter-Strike: Source :csgoglobe:

:9mm:GREATARGET (with AbrecK, Yeepz, SKYZOO, ViN'Z) - CSS
:9mm:Because Bad Boy (with RxK, HAMMER, eskh, AsLaN, PrNNN) - CSS
:9mm:WP s1mple (with coverage^, CroM, x 1 M E, JZtwww, CRANKY) - CSS
:9mm:Los Pistoleros de la Noche (with coverage^, CroM, QNk, HiJo) - CSS

:csgoglobe: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgoglobe:

:9mm:Multigaming 3keasy (with XpK, Aleksei, iZiDOR, Aki) - CS:GO

Currently playing for >

:9mm: osef frère // Lourd Léger Professionnel (with CroM, cr4ck-)


:crt: Mouse // Logitech M150
:crt: Keyboard // Logitech K120
:crt: Headset // Logitech G430
:crt: Mousepad // SteelSeries QcK

:crt: PC Case // CoolerMaster
:crt: OS // Windows 7 Professionnal SP1 32bits
:crt: Mothercard // ASUSTeK P5K SE
:crt: Processor // Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.40Ghz
:crt: Ram // 2 Go DDR2 Mhz 800
:crt: Memory // Western Digital 300Go Sata
:crt: Graphic Card // NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 1Go
Favorite Group
osef frère on s'voit en momolan avec mon mix de netteux
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Created by - fox and FRiZZoh. ☁
Knife guide explaining the variety of skin patterns available in CS:GO.

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