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yole Jul 8 @ 3:08am 
Supportive, loyal, funny, and kind. They choose their words carefully and are the sweetest and most gentle men. They are extremely good looking but don’t know it. Bright grey-blue eyes, tall, lean, & muscular, they can complete any physical task asked of them.
water whopper Feb 19 @ 10:33pm 
Never before have I been confronted by such a bottomless well of peerless intellect. I am left with a feeling of deep hopelessness, which has not been felt since Lucifer was cast from the heavens. Bereft of what I once called my dignity, I go now, never again to challenge your piercing wit.
AiShou Feb 2 @ 4:01am 
He’ll fix your sink, make you laugh while doing it, then kiss you so lovingly it makes your legs weak. Big, strong hands you can melt into. They are loyal and patient boyfriends who turn into rugged, patient, playful husbands and are the best fathers.
AiShou Jan 23 @ 11:03am 
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AiShou Jan 23 @ 10:56am 
Peace Out Bro Haha Lol. See you next time XD 8==D