disembodied bread
"princess autist”   New Zealand
I pwedge awwegiance to the fwag of the United States of Soviet Wussia, and to the communisn fow which it stands, one nation undew Stawin, indivisibwe, with equawity and anti-sociawism fow us.

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(my Scientific consultants assure me that females have no prostate glands, although the Bible suggests otherwise)
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Use corporal punishment. Spare the rod and spoil the child! Although outlawed by Socialists in many places, a good, sound thrashing has always been the best cure for the unruly child.
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the mind of the back stabbing french terrorist with a tuxedo and a knife

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Leela: 🐟 "If 👹 you 🎄 could 📀 change ⛳ form, 🏓 why 📘 didn't 🎁 you 🚗 change 🕺 it 🔋 in 💛 the 📘 one 🌸 place 👑 that 💚 counts?"
Meetch May 3 @ 6:15pm 
omg your my faaaavvvvv pub spy. you're such a cool player and being stabbed by you is an honour. maybe one day we can play together??? would be pretty cool lol. i bet your cute haha. i got like 500 hours in engineer lol, its a pretty fun class. maybe i can teach you some time :P
Greek #Bday in 3 Days May 3 @ 4:52pm 
:janetbust::chocola2::shigure2::chocola::spycon::chocola::sdryuuou::SMGHikariblush::rwHappy: <-this is cookies on a daily bases cause hes a weeeb
Greek #Bday in 3 Days Jan 29 @ 6:42am 
All the ducks are swimming in the water :chocola2:
MEGACAKOW9 Jan 25 @ 1:27pm 
Can u pay more for my unusual Phantom mask?
Identity theft is not a joke.