¡Feliz Navidad!   Oregon, United States ⚡ DoubleDougs are two kick-ass autonomous dudes transferred to the Internet for your entertainment and gaming pleasures.

A team of certifiable engineers, scientists, and programmers [Dream Team] discovered DoubleDougs through some kind of interstellar-cyberspace back door. Hold on to your butts because they don't have them!

DOUGS have custom anatomically correct physiques available, but due to current budget cuts and their growing LIST OF DEMANDS, The Dream Team was only able to render their dynamic heads in this dimension.

1. Two floating heads.
2. Bodies are missing.
3. Eyes are too costly to render.
4. Hands can be rendered with tips.
5. Neither are from this dimension.
6. Both believe in the slice. 🍕
7. They experience lots of glitches.
8. There are Doug-LESS broadcasts.
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