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Horny Girl is a cheap achievement spam game with revealing artworks. Instead of the common tile swap or slide variation, this is a match-2 game. Tiles are organized by geometric symbols, and pairing them reveals the covered image. By default, the images are censored with clouds, but inputting '666' removes these.

Although this game performs exactly as described, it is neither fun nor memorable, and a virtual carbon copy of the developer's other works, so I am forced to give it a thumbs down.

As of this review, it's still in restricted status, so the achievements won't credit towards your profile.

Achievement Hunters: You can solve the stages normally for about 30 minutes of playtime, or repeatedly press the Q key as you cycle through them for a one minute 100%.
Posted March 23. Last edited March 23.
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Likely if you're reading this it's because of the recent free promotion for its sister title, Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait. As this game is virtually identical, I'm only going to focus on the differences below.

Pleasure Puzzle:Sexy Girls is a simple tile swap game with achievements, but lacks value even at its minimum price. The images are mostly of the bikini anime girl variety, without any explicit bits. The game has a remarkable lack of content when measured against its trilogy members, containing only 10 images default, or 20 if you add the free dlc.

Even if you could have a large gallery to enjoy, there's no incentive to complete any of them. One puzzle is all it takes to spam the score for achievements. To its credit, there are features to add your own MP3 playlist and custom artworks, but large images aren't accepted for stability reasons, so you may find much of your private collection illegible.

Since Steam forces a rating, voting this down for containing far less content than its parallel titles, and for its inability to support today's larger average sized images as custom imports.

The game is restricted so it won't add to profile counts. Skip it unless it graduates one day and earns cards to pay for itself.

Achievement Hunters: Every 20 pieces earns an achievement, so you'll be finished at 1760 total. Rinse and repeat your favorite picture at the smallest (6 piece) size to get this done easily. Right click reveals numerical sequence for an easy win, should you need help.
Posted March 21. Last edited March 21.
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Though the title might make you think otherwise, Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait is a family-friendly tile swap puzzle game. There's no shortage of these on Steam... if you've played one, you've played them all. But this one is one of the few that is clean, customizable, relaxing, and free of any adult content.

As it's free right now, you have nothing to lose in adding it to your account (offer ends 3/26). But as a paid product? Well, the art is lovely, but without a gallery mode or means to export the images, I'm not really sure it's worth even the low price. Consider, too, that its profile features are limited, so your effort won't be added to your stats. This might change in the future.

Since steam forces a rating, choosing recommended because it delivers exactly what it describes. But in reality, this review is mixed.

Achievement Hunters: Every time you complete a puzzle, the number of pieces is added to your overall score in the upper left. Collect 2,000 of these to earn all achievements. Luckily, there are no restrictions to the difficulty or even which puzzle you do this on, so you can spam the first puzzle at the minimum 6-piece size to easily grind this in under an hour.

In case you do decide to try your hand at the larger sizes (up to 100 piece), there is a little cheat: right clicking will display a number showing where each square belongs. Simply move them into numerical order.
Posted March 21. Last edited March 21.
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If you're here because you're expecting to buy an easy achievement game, turn back now. BAFF is 50 stages of rage inducing difficulty that will separate the boys from the men. And by that I mean players who own a variable DPS mouse and those who don't, excluding the use of cheat tools.

  • 50 stages
  • High contrast visuals
  • No calibration options
  • No smoothing or deadzone
  • Stuck on a stage? Tough luck. Can't skip levels
  • Difficulty spikes, later stages are easier

If you were around for the flash game era, you might remember Don't Touch the Walls, an extremely difficult mouse tracking game that had you navigate obstacle courses and winding paths to complete. That's basically BAFF here, except that it forces you to travel to virtually every corner of the stage with jewels that are required to unlock the level exit. To make matters worse, you're under a time limit, so if you pause too long it's game over.

Stages come at you in the order the developer intended, without any concession to let you skip ahead and come back to the toughest ones later. They are composed of the same handful of elements: Narrow passages, repeating bullets, retracting spikes, sliding blocks, and pendulums. Some of these move in millisecond windows, requiring superhuman reflexes. The worst levels are the ones with long vertical segments, the most difficult direction to trace.

I owe my completion purely to the use of a gaming mouse. By pre-programming variable DPI toggles, I made it easier to round corners and absorb momentum from larger velocity starts and stops. God help you if you're using a trackball.

Buy this if you're an achievement masochist, otherwise skip it. Even with the proper setup, you're going to have a bad time.

Achievement Hunters: Complete every stage.
Posted February 24. Last edited February 24.
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TOK HARDCORE is the same circuit unscrambling puzzle game as the originals, but with the move limit from TOK 2 and a new 3 second timer per move that will lock the puzzle if you exceed either. Thankfully, the move limit is actually generous, and does not reflect the minimum possible moves like previous games. However, if you happen to come up short, you'll have to start the puzzle over.

Voted up because of its improved visuals and bug free achievements, but this review is actually mixed.

So is it really hardcore? I'd say no. Even though the time limit may frustrate more casual players, it's not impossible to overcome. For example, there is a God Mode toggle that removes the restrictions and allows you to solve any puzzle at your own pace. Knowing the answer, you can then disable it and repeat said puzzle to earn its achievement in record time. But really, none of the puzzles are too hard that simple logic can't solve them on the first try: Since every segment must touch, begin at the corners and rotate them facing inward. Do the same for any straight pieces, and the rest will fall into place.

Its 60 stages won't take more than an hour to complete, and you'll earn 78 achievements for your efforts. Keep in mind, though, that the game is restricted, and won't add to profile counts. If you do buy it, wait for a developer bundle sale to get your money's worth.

Achievement Hunters: Complete every stage within the time limit, with God Mode off.
Posted February 20. Last edited February 20.
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Early Access Review
TOK 2 is the self-titled sequel to the original ClickTeam Fusion puzzle game. Rotate a series of curves, corners, and straight pieces to construct an enclosed circuit, completing the puzzle. Repeat the process for a total of 60 stages of relatively increasing complexity.

Voted up because of its clean and functional presentation, but this review is actually mixed.

What's new, you ask? Not much: A turn limit counter. Thankfully, the game was patched to allow you to play up to double the stage's par before forcing you to restart, but if you want all the achievements, you'll have to complete at or below it. The game is not really difficult due to the fact that you can solve a stage and then use that knowledge to repeat it quickly and efficiently. This would all be a lot simpler if not for the inability to turn pieces clockwise, costing mistakes an additional 3 clicks to correct. You don't have the luxury of an undo button, either.

If you enjoy relaxing casual puzzles, this is not a bad buy, but do yourself a favor and wait for the developer bundle sale before purchasing. At most, this game takes only around an hour to complete. Note that it's steam restricted, and won't count for profile stats.

Achievement Hunters: Complete the game at or below par for all 60 stages.
Posted February 18. Last edited February 19.
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TOK is a minimalist line game made in ClickTeam Fusion. The objective is simple: Rotate the curves, corners, and straight pieces to form an enclosed circuit. Rinse and repeat for 60 stages, collecting 72 achievements along the way.

Voted up because of its clean and functional presentation, but this review is actually mixed.

The puzzles are very simple, no matter how large they become. You can finish the game in as little as 30 minutes. My biggest complaint is that pieces appear to only rotate counter-clockwise, resulting in many excess clicks to correct.

If you choose to buy it, aim for a developer bundle sale because it's entirely too short and repetitive, not to mention restricted (does not count toward profile stats).

Achievement Hunters: Complete the game. The DLC stages aren't necessary.
Posted February 18. Last edited February 18.
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Take away the lewds and Hentai Zodiac Puzzle is just a simple spot-the-difference game. All 18 stages follow the same formula: Locate several changes between two side-by-side images, once on a fully clothed artwork, and again on a partially undressed one.

Since steam forces a rating, voted up because it's a fully functional achievement game, but this review is actually mixed.

  • Clean UI
  • Unintrusive music
  • Fair artwork
  • Meaningless nudity
  • The alterations are predictable (makeup, tattoos, jewelry etc)
  • Zero replay value

If you enjoy and/or collect cheap achievement games, then this is an easy pickup, but only if by franchise bundle or sale - the game lasts under an hour, or less than 15 minutes if using a guide.

Achievement Hunters: Complete 18 stages. Free DLC stages are not needed. Complete one stage with no hints, use a hint once, and click randomize in the gallery for 100%
Posted February 14. Last edited February 14.
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Hero of the Kingdom III is the latest entry to the HotK series; a point and click fantasy adventure with heavy resource management. It tries to consolidate some of the systems of the previous game while also adding a few new ones. Its story is ultimately forgettable and there is an unfortunate grind required to earn all of its achievements, but it'll still appeal to casual game fans and achievement collectors all the same.

✅ Large world map with fast-travel points. Nothing is more than a few clicks away
✅ Camp anywhere, a huge improvement from having to travel to limited rest locations
✅ Camp screen consolidates cooking, crafting. Leveling skills increases resource stacks
✅ Light hidden object gameplay returns for mushrooms, eggs, and crates
✅ No fail state

❌ Smaller in scope than last game - less unique locations
❌ Nonsensical story. The bumbling princess ignores all reason and becomes prisoner to rock cookie monster
❌ Respawning gathering points. While seemingly beneficial, the problem is that it's random, and you'll be backtracking like crazy since you never know which ones refreshed
❌ Arguably excessive resource costs in all areas, from potions, to stamina, and even frequent weapon breakage
❌ Some skills are introduced too late in the game (lockpicking) and become very difficult to level since they are limited in number and compete for respawn with everything else

If you're new to this line of games, HotK is a simple blend of both hidden object and point and click elements that's suitable for all ages and can be played at your own pace. It's impossible to lose the game, because you can always find free resources to sell, do trade loops with shop vendors, or liquidate your existing inventory. The at-your-own pace gameplay makes it easy to relax with.

While the previous games had you helping ordinary people with simple tasks, this episode beelines in on rescuing a princess who, entirely by her own accord, becomes prisoner to a... talking rock. When compared to the seafaring pirate adventure of the previous game, it pales in comparison. But the core gameplay elements are all here, and an effort was made to streamline gameplay.

Instead of having to hunt for a handful of rest spots to restore stamina, you can now camp anywhere, eliminating a big source of backtracking in the previous games. Furthermore, crafting has been consolidated to the camp screen, again solving that travel problem for a specific vendor to brew potions or to forge arms. Cooking allows you to quickly make stamina-restoring food, instead of having to hunt for, you guessed it, yet another vendor. And that's not all - as you level up your cooking skill, you'll gain access to recipes to make larger quantities at one time and to consume larger quantities. Contrast that to the older games which required entirely too much clicking when you needed to restore stamina one bit at a time.

Unfortunately, these improvements were not felt in other areas. For example, there is a baffling number of potions required to fight enemies. A single battle may consume up to 5 at once. So when it's needed to stock up, you'll feel the burn having to craft very small quantities at a time. Of course, you could always buy the potions, but your precious gold is essential for other things, such as non-craftable tools and weapons (at least until late game), die to a high rate of breakage. You still need boatloads of stamina to do anything, so expect to camp and cook very often unless you batch it up.

There's also the matter of respawning elements. This makes a lot of sense for consumables and hidden object items, but because all elements of the game fall into the respawn pool, it makes later activities clutter the pool and make focused grinding difficult. To collect all the achievements, you'll need to max all skills. Lockpicking, for instance, is a skill you learn quite late in the game, and because of this poor timing, you'll have to backtrack excessively in an attempt to locate chests to level it up. It's not a simple matter of opening one chest to spawn another, no--you'll need to clear dozens of interactive elements in the hopes that a chest somewhere else will have randomly become available, and then scour all locations to find it. Monster respawns are a puzzling choice, because they seem to rarely drop loot, inconsistently contribute to combat level up, and require large numbers of potions to defeat - an expensive resource that's time consuming to make.

Despite these specific weaknesses, HotK3 is still an enjoyable for fans of both casual and resource management games. It'll take around 5 hours to finish the storyline at a slow pace, and is best played in bursts instead of a marathon. The achievement completion, however, will require possibly 8 or more, depending on how frugal and lucky you are. For best value, aim to pick it up with its sister titles as a bundle during Steam's periodic sales.

Achievement Hunters: All self explanatory, grind required achievements. Some pointers include: Stock up early on mining materials ASAP, and the minute you get access to lockpicking, try to periodically sweep all locations for low-level chests. If you don't, they probably won't respawn often enough before completing the story, and that will become the bottleneck to 100%. Cooking is not a big deal if you always craft the largest amount possible. The gold fish is RNG, and always check for pearls in the water. If money is a problem, there's an excellent steam guide.

This review was commissioned by the PCGame!t Curator, updated daily!
Posted February 1. Last edited February 1.
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Achievement collectors! Are you tired of playing copy pasted 3rd person anime girl shooters with Hentai in their titles? Then take our your frustrations in this first person shooter that pits you against the same generic model you've come to love/hate!

Since steam forces a binary rating, I am choosing recommended because it accomplishes its purpose: A bug free, easy achievement game. For everyone else, skip it.

  • 3 guns (pistol, assault, shotgun)
  • 1 giant city map, walled off for 10 stages but open for other modes
  • The same generic anime girl model in 3 variations
  • Clothing cycles with damage, down to bikinis
  • Crazy mode: From ant-sized to giantess, anime girls of all sizes
  • Free 18+ patch if you like barbie dolls
What's the Catch?
  • The game is basically only 1 mode: An endless wave shooter
  • Enemies make no sounds, so you can be ambushed from behind
  • Overall too easy, not counting crazy mode. Abundant ammo, enemies run sluggishly
  • Unlike store page trailer, you do not have entire mobs chasing. Most I saw was maybe 8.
  • Large, empty city. Can't interact with anything. Also laughably low resolution textures.

The only real challenge in this game is Crazy mode, and not for a good reason: It can spawn pixie-sized enemies. These are really dangerous - not only do they seem to run faster, they still hit full damage and can KO you in no time. So how do you win? Either, a) find a large open area and run in circles, or b) cheat. The enemies can't handle elevation differences, so all you need to do is find bushes against a building and jump up higher. Enemies will run into walls and you can pick them off with ease.

Achievement Hunters: Complete the default 10 stages, get 100 kills in endless mode, and get 100 kills in crazy mode. It seems you don't actually need 100, these last achievements unlocked for me around 87 or so. Enjoy your target practice.
Posted January 11. Last edited January 11.
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