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pfp by the AMAZING and BETTER THAN ME artist S T O V E

If I added you and you haven't messaged me in over 5 days you're not worth my friend slot so I'll remove you. Don't re-add me unless you'll talk to me, if you do I'll give you 2 days, if you still don't talk with me I'll remove you and WILL NOT add you back.

If I keep you and you never talk to me its because I actually like you and enjoy the times when we do talk.

Discord reed#2066
League Dawnku
Roblox Dawnku
Warframe Russia2289

Tell me before adding me or I wont accept kay thanks.

PandaCommunity website Shinji VODKA
BlackWonder website reed

I'm. Not. A. Girl.

:heartx: Anime boys with red eyes and white hair :heartx:

Also I'm not gay or bi please die.
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Love my babies in the group <3
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Stove has vry good art. Its nice.

Its cute too my guys <33

Hes got some MMPH shading, makes me cum every time~

Stove good art yeye

dabbed on Stove chan

Go see Stoves art, I have it all in a folder because its sexy

My favourite one:

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no u
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whoa there, that is communism
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Casey's roblox name is kingcool321
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+rep is the coolest
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Dab :^)