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Doom: whers my fat etf2l prize money??
Hildreth is now Away.

GamerCat: hey
GamerCat: can we scrim next week??
Scrambled: hey, talking with our senior team leader and he thinks that you'd be better off playing these guys:
GamerCat: what div are they?
Scrambled: they're good
GamerCat: div?
Scrambled: really good
GamerCat: is that a div?
Scrambled: what?
GamerCat: is "really good" a div these days?
Scrambled: no
Scrambled: the divs are
Scrambled: open
Scrambled: mid
Scrambled: high
Scrambled: premiership
GamerCat: then what div is the guy u sended me?
Scrambled: oh he's really good
GamerCat: and what div is his team?
Scrambled: oh his team is really good, too
Scrambled: you can add him here:
GamerCat: is he playing open? or is he playing mid? or is he playing high div?
Scrambled: yeah he's playing etf2l
GamerCat: what div in etf2l?
Scrambled: he's really good
GamerCat: I give up >_>
Scrambled: you not gonna scrim him?
GamerCat: maybe
Scrambled: you should defo do it, man
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i ð Oct 13 @ 1:35pm 
dooms gf browses /tv/ lol, what a nerd!!
jeves mix&merc Oct 6 @ 9:38am 
sponsored by monster energy and viagra
jeves mix&merc Oct 5 @ 12:12pm 
8:11 PM
do you think
if i mass report ehr
that wouldnt be cool
would it
nah my gf is really into movies
jeves mix&merc Oct 5 @ 12:12pm 
8:10 PM
my gf has this film website that she goes to
rates movies
so i made a prof
cuz i have to ruin everything i touch
i put fat vin diesel on prof pic
and give every movie we watch some♥♥♥♥♥♥low tier grade
and hate on it
jeves mix&merc Sep 25 @ 1:33pm 
Doom: genuine advice disguised trashtalk
jeves mix&merc Sep 18 @ 6:51am 
Doom: whenever im eating i just open up some animal channel and watch wild animals kill and live and run n♥♥♥♥♥