the gluttony
I have lost my soul and, i don't live in   Poland
R.I.P one of my favorite minecraft youtubers
"Tough times never last, only tough people last."
"Life is a very difficult exam. Many people are failing because they want to copy from others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper."
"Only the tallest tree has an experience of the roughest wind." [sic]
"All birds find the shelter when it is raining, but the eagle fly higher above the clouds." [sic]

So hey what's up. I am The Fat. I am an epic MvM Engineer/Soldier/Pill Demo main. I am a funny man, I like to be funny. MvM mission making is awesome, since I can share my vivid and chaotic creativity with the world and watch how they react. But the bad bad life is catching up to me and I do not have free time to fully focus on my mission making.

My missions (listed by order in which they were created):

Mission Storage:
Sequoia Plank Particle (Intermediate)
Meltdown Shaft Carnage (Advanced)
Spacepost Thunder Nebulae (Easy Expert)
Coastrock Shoreline Raid (Intermediate)
Area 52 Fataclysm (Advanced Wave 666)
Bonk Plant Sugar Overdose (Intermediate)
Chopper Splinter Seclusion (Intermediate)
Cyberia Avalanche (Advanced)

Missions in Events:
Null Baneful Harvest (Advanced) [Hexadecimal Horrors]
Nightsky Death Con One (Expert) [Hexadecimal Horrors]
Dockyard Cargo Carnage (collab with randomguy) (Advanced) [Binary Blackout]
Isolation Frostbite (Intermediate) [Binary Blackout]
Rustvalley UJEALOUS (Meme) [Starched Silliness]
Faztown Terminal Stupidity (Meme) [Peculiar Pandemonium]

Upcoming Missions:
Barren Desolate Wasteland (Expert)
Decoy Duty Dereliction (Advanced)
Ghost Town Misfortunes (Advanced)

Games I enjoy:
:p2blue Sea of Theives
:p2blue:Souls Like Games
:p2blue:The Binding of Isaac: Repenteance

My personal bests:
Portal (Glitchless) 42:30

1000 hours in TF2 (as of 15/8/2019)

2000 hours in TF2 (as of 03/09/2020)

3000 hours in TF2 (as of 01.04.2022)

MvM Tours:
Golden Canteen in Canteen Crasher 2019

Mashed Mediocrity Tour Completion

Madness vs Machines 2019 Tour Completion

Titanium Tank Reforged 2020 Tour Completion (10.07.20 15:28 GMT +1) 56th place

Starched Silliness 2021 Tour Completion

Two Cities - 5 tours

Mecha Engine - 2 tours

Gear Grinder - 1 tour

Austalium Count: 0

List of commited MvM Masochism Sessions:

Doe's Drill 19.03.2021

If you're desperate enough to trade with me / try to make me give you items by putting them in the "You sent" section and disguising it as a gift, don't add me for it and use the trade link below.


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