incel galindo
donovin   Illinois, United States
swagboss200: comg for u bitch

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bnet: donovin#11441
orgin: alienblues
tf2/cs sens: 5.7 in game 800 dpi (3.6 inches/360) logitech g403

shoutouts the agency
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tf2 info
esea s19 open roamer
esea s21 open roamer sub (playoffs)
esea s22 open roamer (playoffs)
esea s23 im roamer sub (playoffs)
esea s24 im pocket
esea s27 open pocket (playoffs)
esea s28 open pocket (playoffs) (3rd)
esea s29 im roamer
esea s30 im soldier/demo sub (playoffs) (1st)
esea s31 im roamer/demo

rgl s1 adv pocket (playoffs) (4th)

ugc s15 steel spy
ugc s16 steel soldier (playoffs) (2nd)
ugc s16 steel all stars soldier (1st)
ugc s17 silver soldier & spy sub
ugc s19 plat soldier & spy sub
ugc s20 gold scout & soldier
ugc s21 plat spy & soldier
ugc s22 plat soldier (playoffs)
ugc s24 plat all-class sub
ugc s27 all-class sub (playoffs) (3rd)

rgl s1 adv sub (playoffs) (2nd)
rgl s2 invite all-class sub
rgl s3 adv all-class sub
rgl s4 adv spy

ugc s4 steel soldier & demo (playoffs) (3rd)
ugc s7 silver soldier (playoffs) (undefeated 1st)
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jose_garcia.2006 hace 19 horas 
enter the vibe closet 8 ENE a las 10:30 p. m. 
The Weeknd parody account that tweets Stop expecting loyalty from people who can't even give you honesty. 19 DIC 2019 a las 1:48 a. m. 
'Fonsed! I remember watching this show and loving this theme, but that was before my dumb kids and fat nag wife. Har har har! I scored 5 touchdowns in one game, and what do I get for it? A sandal sales job and a big red wife.
leaf 16 DIC 2019 a las 2:26 p. m. 
hot mulligan 8 DIC 2019 a las 10:47 p. m. 
ah 38 viewers -- this calls for a cigarette.
FreakBorg1337 28 NOV 2019 a las 10:48 a. m. 
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