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s19 open roamer
s21 open roamer sub (playoffs)
s22 open roamer (playoffs)
s23 im roamer sub (playoffs)
s24 im pocket
s27 open pocket (playoffs)
s28 open pocket (playoffs) (3rd)
s29 im roamer
s30 im soldier/demo sub (playoffs) (1st)
s31 im roamer/demo

s1 adv pocket (playoffs) (4th)
s2 adv pocket (playoffs) (3rd)
s3 div1 pocket (playoffs) (3rd)
s7 adv pocket (playoffs) (1st) voted best pocket & player of the season
s8 inv pocket/scout (1738th)
s9 adv pocket/roamer (playoffs) (2nd)
s10 inv roamer (playoffs) (3rd)
s11 inv roamer [current]

ronnie coleman cup pocket (3rd)
fx draft cup pocket (2nd)
dreamhack community clash roamer (2nd)
localhost philly LAN pocket
dreamhack community clash roamer (2nd)
ZUTS 8 hours ago 
if I didn't have to go get my hair done, I would ghost you in 1v1
lowtierscratchh 16 hours ago 
All this designer got me drip drip
cake Mar 15 @ 6:32pm 
charis Mar 7 @ 7:35pm 
OralCumshot? yeah that fits...
ZUTS Feb 28 @ 4:56pm 
I will pown you Boyeeeeeee
ZUTS Feb 27 @ 10:10pm 
Get a job