Matthew   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Comment before you add me. I get alot of people trying to add me who I dont know. It says so in the about me section READ IT.

Forty years of living then death
That's all that's left
Forty years then death
Forty years, that's all that's left
Forty years of living then death
That's all that's left
Forty years then death
Forty years, that's all that's left

Delete the internet.
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Welcome To.... Mzoom©®™
I change my name on Steam alot.
My normal one is Mzoom©®™. You will know it is me because of the glorious ©®™ tag which you cannot use.... Or I will sue you....
If you add me on steam and I have no idea who you are I probably won't accept it.
But if I recognise your name from somewhere I might accept it.
If I dont know who you are and you need to add me leave a comment.
1. This just turned into an About you....
2. You are a stalker for looking at this.
3. If you are not a stalker you are a incredibly curious person.
4. This turned into About Me.
5. My favourite game is Half-Life (Its why steam exists).
6. My Favourite colour is Blue.
7. I have ran out of ideas on what to put about me...
8. I have existed for many years....
9. I will not tell you my actual age..(But my birthday is on May 15).
10. This turned into About you.
11. If you are not incredibly curious you have fallen into a trap and read this.(I am not a trap...)
12. This About Me/About You has ended...
13. I hate breathing.
14. I am a christian.. people proceed to make jokes about no swearing and minecraft servers and good behavior
Oh and by the way don't mention the game overwatch or fortnite to me....
And also PLEASE DO NOT! invite me to raffle groups! Unless you are on my friend list and it is YOUR raffle group.

Go to View More Info and scroll for easter eggs!!!!!!111!11!111111!!!!!111

Now what should you do?

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black man.
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9/11: Inside Job - Public Group
9/11 Was In Fact An Inside Job!
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OZONE Jun 10 @ 3:19am 
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Frootlewpz Jun 8 @ 5:52am 
rip harambe
Mzoom©®™ Jun 6 @ 9:26pm 
Great creations do not give people Terminal 7 Brain Cancer.
IDunno Jun 6 @ 4:09pm 
IDunno May 28 @ 2:02am 
Cable Telebision
Mzoom©®™ May 26 @ 4:38pm 
Cable Telebision