Lil Judas
Kind Wood   American Samoa, United States
Currently: -$52,250~ (-$2,750~ Rustchance & -$49,500~ Rustypot)
Deposited: $65,000 on Rustchance & $1,150,000 on Rustypot

Here are some FACTS:

:nf_worm: Rustypot DOES NOT use a 3rd party (like for their game results. It is done IN-HOUSE which means they are able to see the results BEFORE the game is played.

:nf_worm: Rustypot grossly inflates your "profit" on the site. If you have lost $1,000 on the site it could very well say you are actually in profit. For example, it says -$1,500~ for me right now while I am well over -$40,000.

:nf_worm: Rustypot hides your history. You can only see the last 10 games you have played. Likely so that you can't review your history and see whether or not you've actually won about half of the 50~/50~ coinflips you've done.

:nf_worm: Rustypot inflates the number of players online. It ALWAYS shows 100-1,000 people online depending on the day. This is NEVER accurate. It is done to make the site seem more populous, trustworthy, and active.


*Rustypot is rigged.*

...and no, I'm not saying it because I am salty or mad that I lost. I enjoy gambling and worked hard to be able to afford to do it a lot. I can afford it and losing is an acceptable, and inevitable, part of it.

I have played there for 3 years and done over $1,100,000 of bets. In that time I have NEVER cashed out a single cent from the site. Since June 2019 I have spent over $30,000 playing and have lost EVERY PENNY within hours of depositing. I did not have a single day where I ended positive relative to what I started with that day.

I have also spoken with numerous other players who have played $100,000+ of bets and their stories are the same as mine and I've spoken with 2 other people who have owned gambling sites (CSGO, Rust, etc.) and they have corroborated my inferences.

I am also highly suspicious, if not certain, that they use bots or other hired players to play on the site to keep it active and do "staged bets" to make it look like people are winning to inspire others to join in and play.

Ultimately, I believe this is a more elaborate scam than you will find on other sites that simply steal your inventory and run. They lure you in, maybe even give you a taste of some wins to get you hooked, and then bleed you dry.

I'm not interested in arguing with anyone or debating this with trolls. "Winning $100" or whatever last night was probably amazing...but that is part of the scheme. You will get a taste to allow the addiction to set in before they bleed you. With that said, do what you want! I am only saying this in the hope that someone tempted to play with more than they can afford to lose avoids a highly addictive trap.
^^^My most recent stats on rustypot for those that want proof I have played over $1M on their site.

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nt, i'm watching you but "BoT Trollby" is so lucky af xd
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Want to play csgo sometime
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wtf still mad? LOL damn
Demo Dec 23, 2019 @ 12:13am 
Seriously man, idk why you’re so mad but I’m sorry. I feel that someone could be this triggered for this long..