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I am smarter than the average bear i don't click links nor do i want to advertise your shitty scam website

Comp history tf2
:sticky:UGC 4s:sticky:
steel S 13: Catclub
steel S 15: Catclub 2nd
:sticky:UGC 6s:sticky:
steel S 26- Catclub 2nd
steel S 27- Sixpistols
silver S 28- Clout Chasers Playoffs
Frickin Frat Boys, 8-8
:csgox:RGL 7's:csgox:
Div 1, Pastel Mirage dead as fuck yo
season 1- The Big Dongers #never again

DongaConga: fuckem up dingo
-junifromspykids: yes

-Sparky_Cheeto: 2 hours of beating my meat dont ask
DongaConga: your mom ok?
-Sparky_Cheeto: nigga whatXD
DongaConga: what meat=mom treat her like how your dad treats her like a pile of meat
-Sparky_Cheeto: nigga u okay ?
DongaConga: the pumpkins tell me to strangle toddlers

-pastel.Kalvyn' LFS: yo you ever rim a girl out
DongaConga: ye
-pastel.Kalvyn' LFS: gross
DongaConga: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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pixIe 21 hours ago 
That team was indeed good. Very likely smurf I watched the replay
Pineapple Pizza the Second Feb 18 @ 11:03am 
Looking at your Chromatic Mann of the Seven Sees, sent you an add.
WlaDimiRx Feb 5 @ 3:12pm 
add for trade
Eco-friendly Santa Feb 5 @ 8:58am 
sent an offer
C. K. Dexter Haven Jan 26 @ 7:57pm 
sent trade offer :)
W O W I E Jan 21 @ 5:02pm 
:) +rep would shove pine cones up♥♥♥♥♥again :)