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Play Chapter 0

Waking Up

Play Chapter 1

Is This Mars?

Play Chapter 2

It's Android 42!!!

Play Chapter 3

Uh Oh

Play Chapter 4

Meow Interstellar

Play Chapter 5

What's In The Box?

Deliver the Box


Find the Green-House

You Lost The Box!!!

Lose the Box

Server Room

Find the Androids in charge of the server room

The Original Cat

She mainly hangs out by the airducts

End Of The Road

Android 44 has seen worse


You gotta ask Chazz


Go as far as you can on the Surface of Mars


Find the Overlook on the surface of Mars

Deliver The Light

Help out Android 116 and 128 in the Mine

Monterico's View

Activate all the generators and then take the stairs up to Monterico's view and stand in awe at the magnificent power.

Ligh's Island

Visit the underground island located in the Mine.