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Posted: Nov 19, 2021 @ 3:10am
Updated: Nov 25, 2021 @ 7:46am

Before everything i yoinked this list from u/mikelowreyatl on Reddit from this thread

Don't buy this game YET if you even want to buy this game....

List of Current Grievances

  • Plus system is clunky as s..t
  • UI is clunky as s...t wrapped in cat s...t. Might be the least intuitive I've ever seen
  • No Campaign
  • Lack of game modes
  • No hardcore
  • No military ranks associated with numerical ranks
  • Audio is poorly mixed
  • The maps, while stunning from both a scale and visuals perspective, lack any real flow for infantry combat.
  • Non-removable profanity filter
  • Lack of promised destruction/levelution
  • Faction locked weapons and gadgets in Portal
  • No rule editor support for objective based game modes
  • No server browser outside of Portal
  • No private/rented servers
  • Doesn't just roll into the next map after a game in AoW, back to matchmaking peasant
  • Cannot join friends already in a match (pretty sure I could do this in beta??)
  • Cutscenes all over the place
  • Cringe 'look at me' after a match
  • Cannot customize loadouts before joining a game.
  • Cannot select loadout or operator before joining a server which, in certain situations, spawn you directly into the game with whatever you had last game. This happens when joining a fresh breakthrough game, mostly.
  • BFV and Battlefront 2 were gutted to make this s...t lol
  • No mouse and keyboard support for console
  • Options and description for kill sounds changed from beta. During beta it showed you would be able to choose between BF2042 and BF1 kill sounds. This same option now only lets you choose between BF2042 sounds or no sounds.
  • No Practice/Test Range
  • Zoom issues with sniper scopes
  • No zeroing sniper scopes, starting scope (not sure about the others) has no hash marks on reticle for references
  • Biggest maps we've ever seen, highest scope magnification is 10x
  • No holding shift/stick click to steady a sniper shot
  • No leaning
  • 22 guns total lol
  • No ‘All’ chat
  • Enemies look the same as friendlies
  • Bullet spread / weapon inaccuracy outside of rock throwing range
  • Have to opt out of revive every death, no idea who can actually revive me anyway
  • Have to re-select spawn location every spawn
  • No resizable minimap
  • Cannot move while prone and ADS
  • Damage dealt numbers, e.g. "VEHICLE HIT 28" after hitting a tank with a rocket, have been removed. This applies to both infantry and vehicles.
  • Weapons can't have different sets of attachments in different loadout presets. Meaning if you want to have a suppressor on the one semi-auto pistol in the game for one preset, you can't have it without a suppressor in your other presets.
  • No fixed heavy weapons
  • AA rocket damage appears inconsistent
  • BF5 movement mechanics removed
  • Obnoxious voice overs, operators are incredibly vocal, every time you do an action they say a line.
  • Melee takedown animations have been gutted. All enemies are brought to a standing position before one specific kill is performed.
  • Cannot dive underwater
  • UI elements do not have transparency element and distant 2D/3D map markers and UI elements do not fade out by distance and cannot be scaled up or down
  • Good luck finding your marker on the map
  • No VoIP
  • No real scoreboard
  • No stats page
  • No commander
  • Cannot join, create, or lock a squad
  • Cannot switch teams
  • Repairing vehicles does not give XP
  • No squad points for issuing orders or following them
  • No marksman headshot bonus for long range snipes
  • 'Assist Counts as Kill' has been removed
  • No vehicle kill assists
  • Spotting system is contextual and misses a lot of the time. For example, if you press Q over an enemy tank it doesn't always spot it, but places a go-to marker on that area.
  • The team/squad order menu (or whatever it's called) is a pile of garbage. It covers the entire screen, it requires using the mouse to select the options, but not clicking on them for some reason, you have to depress Q. This needs to be redesigned into a friendlier and smaller semi-transparent wheel. Plus, it's not contextual at all and it doesn't seem to have an impact to other players, I requested ammo constantly and nobody even saw my request.
  • No separate Heli & Jet controls.
  • Horizontal pitch (or yaw) when set to mouse movement is inverted by design and cannot be inverted again like vertical pitch can. So your aircraft goes the other way than your mouse does.
  • No HOTAS support
  • Vehicle crosshairs are pixelated as f...
  • Vehicle entry and exit animations have been removed
  • Option for 'Vehicle Aim Relative Control' missing
  • Unnecessary changes to the aircraft flight characteristics from BF4 models
  • No maps with water and thusly no boats.. despite there being a big ass boat on the loading screen.
  • Cannot tell if there is room to enter a friendly vehicle without trying to get in it. To elaborate, you used to be able to see (from both a reasonable distance and, if memory serves, from the spawn in screen) that 'That APC over there' had [2/4] under the driver's name... so you instantly knew that the main gunner seat was most likely occupied and there was no reason to get in unless you wanted to hitch a ride.
  • When in tank, you don't have the little tank outline which tells you where the driver and gunner are looking at.
  • On the spawn screen tanks/helis use the same icon, you simply cannot tell if that's a transport or attack heli that you are spawning into.
  • Unable to load persistent data
  • Grappling Hook is afraid of smoke
  • Bullets are afraid of power lines and tree leaves
  • Planes are afraid of landing lights on takeoff
  • No enemy footsteps / footsteps can be heard across the map
  •  on Xbox. Revive is glitched when downed teammate's head is too close to something.
  • From what I can see, DLSS is not working properly or not making any difference
  • Crossplay issuesCrossplay toggle is greyed out (defaulted to 'On') in game menu, but can still be toggled off in console settings (DICE has told Xbox players they need to do it this way, but that only helps the people that look into it.). People that have turned it off cannot find a match because no one else knows it is possible.
  • Last gen console performance is worse than beta
  • Poor hardware optimization on PC (my FPS is trash with a 5900X and 3080), crashing and overheating on console reported in multiple comments below.
  • Several people have mentioned being unable to rebind certain keys, or to have remapped them in the options menu and not actually have them move.
  • Several reports of changing crosshair and hit marker colors have all defaulted to black and will not stay the colors picked.
  • If you play with inverted controls and get into someone else's vehicle(friend, copilot or foe) you adopt their preference for inverted controls or not.
  • BFV's respawn bug
And again this is NOT  my list. I just "stole" it from u/mikelowreyatl
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