tioler tenalcity   Tsogni, Nyanga, Gabon
my youtube channel of decadence and blasphemy

the pariah of the gay

also feel free to add me if i have room on my list, friend collectors are welcome because i'm ironically not a facebook user

also, because i'm a huge shitposter who loves it when people actually get angry over trivial shit like friends lists on steam and amount of games owned (jfc we're not on fucking facebook) and death can not come swiftly enough once you realize the true extent of my personality is sandpaper on wet cardboard
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watch dogs 2 is a game about a guy with offputting fashion sense running around and killing random people to further justice in a world so unjust, complete with hacking (millenial version of a union strike) and reggae music

it's pretty gr8
get out of here stalker, aka "you can't just write a wall of text about yourself on your own profile!"
hi i'm watercloak and my entire personality is shit posting and dead memes :)

i'm also a 22 year old furry degenerate who has all the free time in the world due to being a disabled degenerate on top of a furry degenerate, and i spend all of that free time playing bad video games and maybe sometimes even good video games

beyond that, my favorite book is roadside picnic and my favorite movies include bubba hotep and videodrome, i used to write trollfiction but i don't really write anymore because of a complete lack of motivation to actually write nowadays but maybe some time i will get back into that

my favorite class is pyro hahahahahkajfkajdf also my favorite game is stalker, the entire series, not really any specific one but ironically call of pripyat is my least favorite and clear sky is my favorite, go figure

my other hobbies include sitting on discord servers without actually talking most of the time but i like the company so asdf, and getting placed on random people's shitlist due to increasingly absurd reasons, but that's okay, i hate them too

i hope you have enjoyed this presentation of watercloak the degenerate and the three hundred mile long profile description where nothing is actually said
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have you heard of the high elves
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we are the toiler tribe and we are anime :)
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