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Posted: Aug 25, 2021 @ 1:17pm
Updated: Sep 8, 2021 @ 11:58am
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september 2021 edit: level editor and some quality of life added, edited relevant parts of the review.

in marbleous blocks you have to make a path for a blue ball using tetris shapes and other stuff, with the ultimate goal of restoring the colors of the rainbow.

the 45 levels are accessed from an overworld spanning 5 worlds, and there's some branching, so often more than one level, or even world, can be tackled. unfortunately, there are no level numbers anywhere, not in the overworld, nor while playing a level, and solved levels aren't marked differently either. if you collect the tiny ball, it shows up on level select, but it's possible to finish without grabbing everything, and you might not remember next time which level with a collected ball has a piece still to collect, time to check them individually.

the game is entirely mouse-driven. left click moves the ball, holding it moves the camera, mouse wheel zooms, holding right click rotates the camera and also the puzzle piece currently held with left click. camera controls can be a bit clunky, but the zoom bug got fixed, improving things a lot. axis flip toggles would still be really useful though.

unlimited undo is available by clicking the arrow in the top left, or by pressing ctrl+z, which is awkward for something that's not microsoft office, but backspace also got patched in, along with a level reset button. it took a lot of convincing on my part, assuring the developer that nobody would accuse the game of ui clutter after the addition of a single button in the corner. so no more mandatory spamming of undo a million times to get back to the starting position. esc or clicking an icon quits the level without confirmation, and you can then re-enter the level to reset it, but the camera annoyingly always zooms in when you go back to level select, so it's not recommended.

no timing or timer and the ball can't fall off the edges because of a misclick (or general cruelty), it will even go around gaps and stuff if it can, no need to click every single tile. there are certain situations where falling is necessary (by clicking the side of a block), and of course if you use a jumpy block that leads nowhere, it's on you. no death penalty though, you'll be put back to a safe spot to try something else.

throughout the levels you'll be mostly collecting blocks. picking up small green cubes lets you place available tetris shapes over bigger green cubes to create a path to the exit and other areas. for instance, if you have 3 green cubes, you can't use an L-shape (4 blocks), but even with 4 green cubes the L-shape can only be placed over available green tiles if it fits properly. colored pieces are used in the overworld automatically to form the path to other levels, and balls from the levels unlock the next world.

most of the puzzles are pretty easy (there were a few I couldn't figure out though) and further mechanics include single-use tiles that disappear after moving over them (including flying over them, which is a bug), unless you turn yourself orange with the color-thingy on some later levels. the aforementioned jumpy blocks normally only sling you over a single gap, but becoming purple like the arrows lets you fly further, while green enables wall-climbing. world 3 with this mechanic and less flat levels, plus the whole point & click platforming, reminded me a lot of about love, hate and the other ones 2.

graphics are functional at best and some of the audio is incredibly annoying, had to turn it off quickly, though a couple music tracks were not too bad. 3 save slots keep track of individual progress, but separate volumes are the only settings, only available from the main menu. no windowed mode or resolution options, alt+enter doesn't work either. I mentioned it to the developer way before release, yet here we are, but he made it work on win7, despite the win10 minimum on the store page.

it's a neat little thing, and with some added quality of life it's already more enjoyable and recommendable, though of course there's always room for improvement. you can try the demo to check it out for yourself, and with the new level editor there's potential for more content.
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