no trades atm
Let's level you up to space! :steamhappy:
I will exchange trading card sets for CS:GO keys.
"For :FreebieF::FreebieR::FreebieE2::FreebieE2:?"
-Almost. Check my current exchange rates using the !rates command.
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Welcome to DogeBundle's level up service
Everyone is able to sell sets!

The bot is giving you card sets which you haven't crafted yet, for one csgo key. All keys are accepted except capsule keys and sticker keys.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment on the profile or post a thread in the group!

Availible Commands

!help - gives help for the bot
!commands - tells you all commands for the bot
!rates - tells you how many sets the bot currently gives for one key, or how many you need to sell for one key
!buy [number of your keys] e.g !buy 1 will send you a trade offer with sets which you haven't crafted yet for 1 key
!buyany [number of your keys] e.g !buyany 1 will send you a trade offer with random sets which you could have crafted already. This is in case you just want to trade any sets
!level [Desired Level] - calculates how much experience and cards/keys you need to reach the specific level
!check - checks how many sets you can buy which you haven't crafted yet and tells you the price in keys if you would buy them all
!sell - sell your card sets to the bot (works WITHOUT the need to register somewhere)
!sellcheck - check the current rate to sell your sets.

How to use the Bot

Step 1: Add the bot as a friend, he will automaticly accept you.
Step 2: Use the command !buy [amount of keys] to make an order, you may also use other commands to help you decide how many sets to buy to get to your desired level and some other nice features.
Step 3: The bot will send you a trade offer with the cards, for keys from your inventory.
The bot cannot pick specific keys
Step 4: Accept the trade and have fun leveling up to space!

When sending you sets, the bot checks which sets you have crafted, but not which uncrafted sets you got in your inventory. Make sure to craft any possible badges before trading, and set yxour profile to public (only temporarily) to enable the bot to check your badges.


Q: Do I have to own the game before crafting its badges?
A: No, you don't need to. You can immediately craft the badges after trading!

Q: I made an order, recieved the trade offer and I accepted it but it says: "The items are no longer available." What do I do?
A: Someone else might have made an order at the same time and received the cards which were offered to you.
Try making a new order instead!

Q: The bot says: "An error occurred while sending your trade. Steam Trades could be down. Please try again later." What should i do?
A: Wait 2-3 minutes and then try again, sometimes steam is a bit buggy!

Q: How long does the restock take? When do you restock?
A: Usually our suppliers are delivering card sets to the bots all day. If you have some full card sets and would like to sell them, you can check our trading rates with the !rates command.
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Add me to trade! I buy/sell full trading card sets for CS:GO keys.
bMONSTAHH Jan 30 @ 2:34pm 
Heyy, can the admin add me?
KippaK Jan 15 @ 4:53pm 
Bot has no keys :( i wanted to sell my sets.
Levi Jan 7 @ 7:05am 
Have a nice day :golden:
T7M0 =] Dec 15, 2017 @ 2:30pm 
sick bot!!! +rep!!
Snkdemon Dec 10, 2017 @ 12:53pm 
give me card for level up pls !!
Marina Nov 20, 2017 @ 1:19am