Doctor Jew
California, United States
Hello.I make content and guides for Garry's Mod.
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Quick Information

You can call me Doctor Jew, Doctor, or Doc. Although those that know me better call me Jew.
I do models and texture work for Garry's Mod servers, usually free.
My VAC ban is from MW2.

Taking suggestion for Star Wars vehicles! (NO WALKERS)

Read Before You Add

I will NOT add you if:
• Are not at least Steam level 3
• Have not commented your reason for adding
• Have a private profile

Things you should NOT add me for:
• Asking one question
• To just talk to me (unless I know you)
• Asking permission to edit an addon (just do it with credit)

You may add me if:
• You want to work with me on a vehicle/weapon
• You want to link me to new models for ships/weapons
• Absolutely need support for an addon.

Contact Resources

Workshop Page - For addons
Twitter - To talk to me
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neutralized 26 ENE a las 9:21 a. m. 
payday drill entity hype xd
sstrp 18 ENE a las 4:06 p. m. 
I was recommended by Syphias to add you.
Sift 7 ENE a las 8:53 a. m. 
How do you fix the DC-19 in your star wars weapons extra pack? It looks like an A280 and is held with one hand, no animations either.
6 ENE a las 11:24 p. m. 
Heya! I'm one of the Junior Devs in the SWRP Discord. May I ask you something in private? Thanks in advance.
Caitlyn 1 ENE a las 3:07 a. m. 
Happy New Years!!! <3
SonicX224 27 DIC 2018 a las 8:31 p. m.