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Hobbyist 3D designer, Source Engine model wizard, fat loser :FrogPepe:
I do commissions, click view more info, then leave a comment :trump:
If you add me without commenting why, I'll probably decline :special:👌

I do commissions for general 3D work, primarily Source model ports or rigging. I work in Blender and am capable of doing almost any kind of job relating to game engine models. I can do basic animation, modeling, and texturing, but nothing too fancy. I prefer porting over making things from scratch, I'm not really an artist, I just know what buttons to press in my programs.

I try to put maximum effort into everything I work on so expect to pay an amount reflecting that. If you're looking for something quick and dirty for a cheapo price you may want to ask someone else but I'm willing to consider any kind of job, leave a comment regarding what you want done and I'll add you to discuss it.

If you're looking for advice or have questions about 3D stuff I usually will take the time to help if you keep things to the point.
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Enhanced models of Pit and Dark Pit from Super Smash Bros. This is neither the Wii U model nor the Ultimate model, but a combination of the two, with custom details and enhancements mixed in. It retains the texture style from Smash 4, but with much improve
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Created by - Taco
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About Me:
A true hero seeks neither fame nor fortune, only the courage, which he needs, in which to fight.

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my name is kaikura. it means goat in south african.
i’m 19 years old.
i’m non-binary/trigender (only due to my natural multiplicity). i identify predominantly as female.
i’m also a proud feminist.
i am asexual. i used to think i was demisexual because i could only form sexual attractions after knowing someone for a longtime, but upon much introspection and meditation, i have determined myself to be asexual instead. i am not attracted to anything or anyone in a sexual manner.
i am attracted to goats, but not sexually. i would go on a date with a goat and maybe cuddle, but nothing else.
i am goatkin. i identify as a goat spiritually, cognitively, and psychologically.
i am totally vegan. i eat only goat cheese. before you comment on how that is unhealthy, i also take a multivitamin every morning to prevent malnutrition or other illnesses.
i experience a natural multiplicity. my headmates are shrek and gilbert gottfried, but i haven’t heard from them recently. they may post from time to time. i am the dominant one in the multiplicity.
i suffer from PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety. i may have an autism-spectrum disorder, but we’re not sure yet. i’ll keep y’all updated.
i’m a plus-size lady and proud of it! body positivity is important to me.
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Shku Jan 19 @ 11:40pm 
               / ¯¯`フ
         , '' ` ` /       !   
.        , '      レ  _,  -' ミ
        ;          `ミ __,xノ゙、
         i     ミ   ; ,、、、、 ヽ ¸
      ,.-‐!       ミ  i    `ヽ.._,,))
     //´``、     ミ ヽ     (¯`v´¯)
.    | l    ` ーー -‐''ゝ、,,)).       .`·.¸.·´
Rabblemints Jan 12 @ 3:27pm 
Fricking hecker
❄| Ramen ❄ Noodles |❄ Jan 11 @ 1:54pm 
I can never main pit again because of you, you homo
Ivretor Jan 10 @ 4:16pm 
Yee I agree with Dracomatt they look amazing my boi
Dracomatt Jan 10 @ 11:01am 
Good job there wit SSBU Pit and Dark Pit!