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Hobbyist 3D designer, Source Engine model wizard

If you're looking for advice or have questions about 3D stuff I usually will take the time to help if you keep things to the point, I only do commissions for 200$ and over
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Young Link from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with all of his equipment and skins. Enhanced and modified to work optimally in SFM.

Includes every major animation from the game, with corrected feet positions. The face is fully flexed and can form nearly an
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Created by - Taco
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About Me:
A true hero seeks neither fame nor fortune, only the courage which he needs, in which to fight.

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my name is kaikura. it means goat in south african.
i’m 19 years old.
i’m non-binary/trigender (only due to my natural multiplicity). i identify predominantly as female.
i’m also a proud feminist.
i am asexual. i used to think i was demisexual because i could only form sexual attractions after knowing someone for a longtime, but upon much introspection and meditation, i have determined myself to be asexual instead. i am not attracted to anything or anyone in a sexual manner.
i am attracted to goats, but not sexually. i would go on a date with a goat and maybe cuddle, but nothing else.
i am goatkin. i identify as a goat spiritually, cognitively, and psychologically.
i am totally vegan. i eat only goat cheese. before you comment on how that is unhealthy, i also take a multivitamin every morning to prevent malnutrition or other illnesses.
i experience a natural multiplicity. my headmates are shrek and gilbert gottfried, but i haven’t heard from them recently. they may post from time to time. i am the dominant one in the multiplicity.
i suffer from PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety. i may have an autism-spectrum disorder, but we’re not sure yet. i’ll keep y’all updated.
i’m a plus-size lady and proud of it! body positivity is important to me.
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DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition
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