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Recovering WoW addict... [i.imgur.com]
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Selling 2200/2700 3v3 carries! Alliance only, currently accepting Venmo/PayPal or in-game gold on Sargeras/Kel'Thuzad-US. Hmu @Silk#1669 for more info, prices negotiable :)
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👌 Dukhat 3 hours ago 
RAGE 2 has to be great, Avalanche Studios (who make great open worlds), ID Software (great shooters AND Bethesda... this game HAS to be good or I'll cut off my foreskin, which I don't have, my name chaim (jeff) :gallente:
👌 Dukhat 3 hours ago 
Hey I like RAGE as well :P
Adam Jensen 007 May 25 @ 6:02pm 
Thank you Human rev!
Alchemy May 25 @ 7:26am 
:Big_Heart::Big_Heart:I hope you have a great life without any problems or anything bad I hope your life always happiness and heaven :Big_Heart::Big_Heart:
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isaac May 24 @ 5:40pm 
Hey im interested in a carry I'm so shit at the game I can't even get 2k in legion. Help!