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Dark gray abis
you peer down
pure darkness
but out of the dark
shines a bright brilliant light
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Welcome to my Profile!
I will accept random friend requests as long as you don't have a private profile or backpack, I will perform background checks before accepting adds! Commenting is not necessary but it's a polite way to let people know why you're adding them.

- Anyone with a private profile or private backpack trying to add me will result in a permanent block.
Any item that is not listed for sale is strictly not for sale, don't send me trades for any of my items unless I have listed them for sale.
Do not invite me to groups, I will decline any unwarranted group invites, inviting me to groups will get you blocked unless you asked me first.

I mostly play TF2 but i do play games such as CS:GO and OW

Competitive Experience in Team Fortress 2:

UGC highlander season 21: The Muffin Factory
UGC highlander season 22: P.T. / Squeak Squad
UGC highlander season 23 (leader): Anything But Average
UGC highlander season 24: Brackets (1st place)
UGC highlander season 25: Brackets

UGC 6s season 26 (leader): No Straights Allowed
UGC 6s season 27: Nightcall 6s

TFCL ultiduo season 3: Double Helix

Autistic Quotes

DEAD kingo : avian you are hacking pal
kingo : avian pal, can you seriously play properly

"I'm sorry, I just can't stop 9/11'ing!" - Surrender

"Get out of my pubs you school girl" - MrDjStar

"you know what i like more than a nice glass of lemonade on a hot summer day... MEN, i love men." - avian

"is biting a dick off particularly gay or like is it just really weird" - rem

"A haunted stool where the ghost gives you magical stds" -Everyone

"But like, terrorisim." - Rule

"Yo, Gonorrhea is lit" - Avian

"Are you from ass? Cause I eat Tennesee." - Rule

"All furries love golden showers" - Darkly

"no its a toddler, just kick it" - Rule

"you dont have a beard, you're white" - DJ

"Yeah this fruit on my head is basically my fursona guys" - vin

"Wait you don't love pokecocks... aww I thought we had something in common" - rem

"i thought their were teeth growing in my ass" - jpeg

"@mega was busy fucking your mom, sorry for the slow response" - chumblo!

"i would have so many bolbi's..." - renea

"GUN SAVED!!" - best engie ever

"Can my fursona be a clam?" - Surrender

"I'm writing a new manga right now, it's called basketball lolis" - Surrender

"when you try to join general but you accidentally join the KKK" - rule

eN0ugh"ringMe Apr 19 @ 3:54pm 
เป็นมนุษย์สุดประเสริฐเลิศคุณค่า กว่าบรรดาฝูงสัตว์เดรัจฉาน จงฝ่าฟันพัฒนาวิชาการ อย่าล้างผลาญฤๅเข่นฆ่าบีฑาใคร ไม่ถือโทษโกรธแช่งซัดฮึดฮัดด่า หัดอภัยเหมือนกีฬาอัชฌาสัย ปฏิบัติประพฤติกฎกำหนดใจ พูดจาให้จ๊ะๆ จ๋า น่าฟังเอยฯ
queeny Apr 18 @ 10:30am 
I like this dude’s asmr $$$
xerbat Apr 17 @ 12:51pm 
; )

hmu for some sticc action
ninki minjaj Apr 5 @ 4:58pm 
no u
rain Apr 4 @ 12:26pm 
Has a nice supple ass
ntE Apr 3 @ 2:29pm 
makes me want to transcend into a higher being and suck his cock into another plain of time so i can make daddy happy