Account III (Due to scammers.)
Ok so i got scammed on my other account and now im on this one.
I've been in TF2 for Years (doesn't mean im good)
My Overall Hours On Tf2 are 11,000 Split Across 3 Accounts.

Join my discord : https://discord.gg/r4GUPTz

check out this command when Sv_cheats is on 1 (needs to be on console.)

addcond 74; addcond 75; removecond 75; addcond 33; addcond 29; addcond 18; addcond 73; addcond 90; tf_bot_add 32; firstperson


Giant Not So Giant.
(Addcond Commands.)

Addcond 74 : Player is doubled in size, but movement speed, melee range, and damage remain unchanged. The player's max health is scaled upwards by 10 and any ammo lost while under this effect is regenerated instantly. The player is forced into the Medieval thirdperson shoulder view.

Addcond 75 : Player is halved in size, although head size, movement speed, melee range, and damage remain unchanged. The player is forced into thirdperson. Used for the Bumper Cars in Carnival of Carnage and Gravestone.

Removecond 75 : Removes Addcond 75 effect

Addcond 33 : Halloween pumpkin crit boost. (in order to avoid medics healing you and taking away the effect.)

Addcond 29 : Concheror effect.

Addcond 18 : Intended to be the glowing eye effect associated with the Eyelander's head-taking capability. Can be used with removecond to remove such a glow.

Addcond 90 : Player gains double damage for all weapons and distance damage fall-off immunity. Used for the "Strength" powerup in Mannpower mode.

firstperson : you already know what this does dont you? (it makes you go Thirdperson in order to avoid forced to go thirdperson on Addcond 74)

tf_bot_add 32 : adds 32 bots to the server.

My History Of Bans

First account Ever: 4000 Hrs (Banned for hacking since i was a newbie.)

Second Account: 7000 Hrs (Admin Trick Scam.)

Current: 0-Infinite Hrs (Has not been Banned/Scammed yet.)

Total: 11,000 Hrs - Tf2.


the ones i've learnt myself...

Favorite: Bind <key> +left/right; (your choice) cl_yawspeed <number>
Spins you in the direction depending on +left/right the speed depends on the number you choose on yawspeed. Example cl_yawspeed 1-10000 (10000 recommended) the lower the number the slower.

1 Bind <key> kill; "say <anything>"
Kills you and makes you say something in the chat at the same time.

2 Bind <key> "Call_For_Medic"

(yes i know you can change this in settings already but why not)
It Basicly just makes you call for medic depending on the key you binded it to.

3 Bind <key> "say "<Anything>" ; wait <seconds>; <anything>

It makes you Say something and say another depending on how many secs you put on Wait <Secs>

4 Bind <key> build 0 0 will build a dispenser (Engineer only)
build 1 0 will build a teleporter entrance (Engineer only)
build 1 1 will build a teleporter exit (Engineer only)
build 2 0 will build a Sentry Gun (Engineer only)

It will make you build a Dispenser, Teleporter Entry/Exit, and Sentry.


https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Scripting#Bind - Binding.

https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Cheats#addcond - Cheats/Addconds

Keep in mind that i aint joking if your taking something too far.
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