Chris   United States
born: early cretaceous period
died: late cretaceous period

Saints Row IV
jugoelefante 2013. okt. 27., 13:07 
Your Halloween costume is burned into my retinas. Also I have it framed on my bedstand.
-STARDOG- 2012. nov. 20., 17:08 
Bah.. Xen was fun. You are high.
-STARDOG- 2012. nov. 13., 17:35 
Did you get a chance to play Black Mesa? I really think they did a great job on it, minus leaving Xen for later. Nostalgic as all hell.
Dinosaurs 2012. júl. 12., 20:35 
...that is true.
Duck Tape Al 2012. júl. 12., 15:59 
Chris. This is your profile.
ringalinga 2012. jan. 4., 8:57 
Hey Chris!