Chris   United States
born: early cretaceous period
died: late cretaceous period

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Saints Row IV
jugoelefante 27.10.2013 kello 13.07 
Your Halloween costume is burned into my retinas. Also I have it framed on my bedstand.
JUNIOR Western Bacon Chee 20.11.2012 kello 17.08 
Bah.. Xen was fun. You are high.
JUNIOR Western Bacon Chee 13.11.2012 kello 17.35 
Did you get a chance to play Black Mesa? I really think they did a great job on it, minus leaving Xen for later. Nostalgic as all hell.
Dinosaurs 12.7.2012 kello 20.35 
...that is true.
Duck Tape Al 12.7.2012 kello 15.59 
Chris. This is your profile.
ringalinga 4.1.2012 kello 8.57 
Hey Chris!