...Но обичаме, прощаваме
и където по света да сме,
вечно дава ни живот мисълта:

Че сме стръкче от тревата ти,
че сме камък от стената ти,
че сме капчица от твоята кръв.
Въгленче че сме,
от което твоят огън
след бурята
да възкръсва всеки път
във див пожар.

Бог е с теб и твоят огън след бурята
ще възкръсва всеки път в пожар!
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Competitive History 6v6
ETF2L Open 6s S27 - Medic for The Shaggers Club, Playoffs (7th)
ETF2L Open 6s S28 - Medic for The Shaggers Club
ETF2L Mid 6s S29 - Medic for The Shaggers Club
ETF2L Meet Your Map Cup! - Scout and Medic for Country4Rollers, Lower Bracket (2nd)
ETF2L Mid 6s S30 - Medic for The Shaggers Club
ETF2L Mid 6s S31 - Medic for The Shaggers Club

Competitive History Highlander
ETF2L Open Highlander S13 - Medic for EZ4WHOA
ETF2L Open Highlander S14 - Medic for Proper Halal
UGC Euro Steel Highlander S24 - Soldier for breadChamp eSports, Playoffs (15th)
ETF2L Mid Highlander S15 - Pyro for Stonks

Competitive History 2v2
ETF2L Basketball 2on2 Cup #6 - Soldier for mge4fun
TFCL Ultiduo S3 - Medic for gully mid
TFCL Ultiduo S4 - Medic for gully mid
TFCL Ultiduo S5 EU - Medic for gully mid, Playoffs (16th)

Competitive History 1v1
ETF2L Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup - Soldier for dinosaurs200, Knockout Stage (Round 2)

My pride

Invader Tenn: A focused dino is strong
dino: yes, when he thinks about stuff
Invader Tenn: Ah silly Dinos, not thinking
That is how the meteorite hit you.
"What shiny thing in sky?"
"Hurr, me like grass."

On that evening facing the mountains the setting sun would die
and it shone like golden fire in the sky.
So in awe I tarried to watch it christened by its glow
but it will return tomorrow, I know.

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