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Jan 26 @ 7:11am
In topic Black Mesa 1.0 Preview
Even though the geometry of the new shots is better, I have to say I liked the texture tiling of the original better. The rock material looks a little oversized and cartoony in comparison to the old one.
Jan 25 @ 9:43am
In topic The beam for the Gluon Gun is all skinny
Just my two cents on the gluon gun- it's really not very fun to use largely because the stream it shoots out is thin and barely glows unless you're actually hitting an enemy with it. You could say this change gives feedback for knowing when your beam makes contact, but in practice it just makes the gluon gun feel week and unimpressive most of the time. Especially compared to HL1.
Jan 24 @ 3:55pm
In topic Lunar New Year
Curious what these will end up like. The quality seemed to rapidly decline after the first couple of issues so it's alarming hearing those are the ones being remade. They were fine as they were.
Originally posted by Iffy the Bothan Spy:
All I want for Christmas 2020 is full bot support. It's the ****ng unreal engine, how can adding bot support be so difficult?
Try it and find out.
Are you sure you're in the right forum? Arena deathmatch games don't usually go in for complex weather patterns. The blizzards / sandstorms we have currently are as advanced as things can really go.
It's amusing seeing a link to "get steam" in a post on the steam platform's own activity feed.
Jan 18 @ 2:26pm
In topic Why is the Sniper class so awkward?
There is also a spread offset applied to every shot. The further away the target, the less likely you are to hit them. This is reduced if you are scoped, and reduced even further when crouched. Damage falloff is applied as well, so distant targets receive less than close-up ones.

Finding a sweet spot for scoped sensitivity has proved quite elusive, each weapon actually has its own aim sensitivity. Most reports were that sniper rifle sensitivity was too high when aiming so that's been getting lowered recently. The dartgun hasn't been changed in a long while though.
Jan 16 @ 2:16pm
In topic Store Page Broken In Game
From what you describe, you should have seen an error message on startup that you are not connected to the economy server. Make sure there's no other programs running or downloading, restart steam and see if that helps next time you load up.
Jan 16 @ 2:15pm
In topic why not
It's not cheap to convert software from one platform to another either. It'd be great if as many people as possible could play, but we have limited resources. We've tried to at least make PCE on PC as controller-friendly as possible for console players who might migrate over.
Jan 13 @ 5:08am
In topic Pain sounds while on fire
We're not going to add special logic just for fire damage, it shares the same based pain code as the rest of the damage types which keeps things more manageable.

However, to make things a little less annoying there was a minor undocumented change in the most recent patch- the frequency of pain sounds has been reduced so they can't repeat as quickly now.
There *is* a bug with GTTC challenge progress, though it's a little different that what's reported here. The actual count is only increased if you win an entire *match* of GTTC, not a round. So you must play through both rounds and win the second in order to progress.

Hard to say if this is an easy issue to resolve or not, but it's on our radar.
The game defaults to your primary monitor, yeah. The idea Slayer proposed is probably the only (or at least best) solution. Although you could still try running windowed, dragging it to the second screen and then change resolution to one that matches or is close to your secondary monitor's res. Not ideal, but if you don't want to change primary monitors it might be a way to go.

You need to right click the desktop and set the Windows display options to Extend These Displays in order to do that, or select your larger monitor and choose "Make this my main display" if you want to swap to that as a primary monitor. Using "Show desktop only on 1" if the large monitor is set to the main display will make that screen the only active device, which of course forces the game to appear on the larger monitor.
Jan 13 @ 4:53am
In topic January Testing
There will be a small-ish update towards the end of January when the winter event ends that will need to be tested soon. This patch will bring some small gameplay adjustments and probably a few minor fixes.

Look on the official Discord for info on the next test session sometime in the next few weeks.

-- BUILD 01 Working Changelog: --

-Carnotaurus roar now gives health back from *any* attack you do while the roar is active.
-Carnotaurus charge now does proper knockback (may have side-effects in FR mode)

-Tupa charge now does increased knockback (may be too evil)
-Increased the cooldown period on Tupa charge attack
-Flyers: increased falling time required to automatically enter flying state

-Netgun now only uses manual reload
-Reduced netgun reserve ammo from 7 to 5
-Increased stungun reserve ammo from 9 to 16

-Increased overall accuracy for weapons
-Added accuracy increase when scoped with M4 carbine rifle
-Increased non-scoped spread for M4 carbine
-Reduced crit multiplier for M4 from 1.4 to 1.2
-Reduced sniper rifle scope sensitivity

-Increased speed of tracer projectile effect
-Flaregun kills now leave bodies charred

-Minor increase to max step height for humans
-Reduced audio stream buffer size to see if it has any effect on performance / stutter
Jan 11 @ 3:33pm
In topic Gonarch's Lair Crash
There's a known issue where the green globs it shoots at you can cause crashes, you might have accidentally shot one of those? Even just being hit by one can make the game force-quit.
Jan 11 @ 3:30pm
In topic The Gonarch Balance
I'm sensing a pattern here where enemies using physics-based attacks are less than great for gameplay. The boulders can screw off, and the gonarch log chucking is pretty much identical to the same evil behaviour the antlion guard used to have before Valve themselves wised up and changed it in Episode 2.

These things either need some serious fine tuning, tighter scripting, or outright removing. They're some of the last major rough spots that holds Xen back from being outright excellent. Everything's great until physics says no.
Jan 11 @ 3:28pm
In topic Alien Fly Shooting Gun Feedback
Originally posted by WashingMachineHunter:
Thay used to do that, but players said they were too difficult to dodge so they removed the homing hornets.
Personally i think the change was for the better.
Was this a change made specifically due to multiplayer concerns? Or were the alien grunt's own hivehands also using super homing bees? I can understand why the latter isn't desirable, but surely there can be a special case set up for the player's own arsenal?

The hivehand is a novelty joke weapon currently, its only real utility is that it technically never runs out of ammo. It deserves a little love.
Barnacles don't set on fire when you feed them a flare either. I feel robbed.

As far as those trees go.. the only time a bullsquid gets taken out by a xen tree is in that scripted scene you mentioned when you enter the forest. Pretty disappointing that you can't bait them into being stabbed, I spent a good while playing bullfighter trying to lure them into being hit by the things.
They should really do for Interloper what they did to On A Rail.

I didn't agree that OAR needed cutting down, but their version of Interloper could sure use streamlining. If it was about half as long, the lack of visual variety wouldn't be as annoying and there would be a better ramp up in pacing as you head toward the ending.

Having to go hunting around for random blood bags to shoot to disable several force fields in a row, being rejected by the conveyor belt over and over again, or getting trapped in a room with giant instant kill balls that controllers chuck at you... those are things I think the chapter could definitely live without.

And I still find it weird that considering how much crap HL1 Xen got for putting all its chips on first person platforming, Black Mesa seems to have doubled down on it here, with loads of awkward tightrope acts to perform in areas where the floor is essentially lava. Really hoping they can smooth out and shorten some parts of these levels before the final release.
Jan 7 @ 4:00pm
In topic Xen is Very Poorly Designed
Yeah to be fair, I've been replaying HL2 recently and even that's got a few sections which are pretty iffy in retrospect, drag on too long or are just generally frustrating.

Having said that- Black Mesa is still in early access and they can still improve and polish on what many think is the worst part of the Xen expansion. I like, even love, everything up to the end of the Vort village. But after that, Interloper really gets monotonous.

From the ambience of the chapter being blood red nearly the entire time (which causes visual fatigue) to the puzzle repetition and severe ramping up of enemy numbers. It's quite a slog. They've definitely made major strides in playability with the setpiece battles in subsequent updates (that elevator ride isn't as interminable as it used to be), but the whole thing is still way too long, with too many rough edges and bad pacing.

Xen was a great change of pace in the original Half Life, and even if it had a few awkward sections it didn't outstay its welcome, whereas Black Mesa's version feels a little over-indulgent.
Jan 3 @ 3:20am
In topic Ranked up but no drop, why?
There's a bug where it can fail to award a drop on rankup. We're unsure as to why. It's something we're still investigating.
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