Dmitry Romanenko   Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Nixxsixxs 17 Μαρ στις 7:27 
Greetings, the reason I added you actually it will be really nice meeting with someone who is passionate as a gamer and game collector. Your profile looks incredible and we have some friends in common so I thought it will be my pleasure to meet finally with someone whom got similar interest, thank you for your understanding! :girl:
♣ Valiant The Victorious 18 Ιαν στις 2:47 
You're the #1 Account in Canada on https://steamladder.com/
☠ :D roflzer 31 Οκτ 2020 στις 22:32 
:boo: :groinpunch:
Kyog el Chaval 30 Οκτ 2020 στις 8:45 
Hi, i added you for the WAVESHAPER leaderboard achievement, could you accept me, please? :)
♘︎epic 5 Ιουν 2020 στις 10:13 
Hi there, Dmitry! :wave: I have added you as a friend because you seem like a cool dude, we share the same interests and because I would love to get to know more collectors :steamhappy:
The_Thang (fixing PC) 1 Μαϊ 2020 στις 21:06 
Please accept my friend request. My account is no longer compromised.