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I am nice normally unless you're a random ESEA player with 7.25 in your savings account who tries to cyber bully
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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KtS🦕 5 Tem @ 14:16 
Is ur alt dee, diane?
-iwnw- 18 Haz @ 3:52 
GGs lol
KhoiPhish 17 Haz @ 2:40 
Dearest Triple D,

I would like to apologize for the gameplay that you were exposed to by my gf and buddy. We were all pretty drunk but my GF has never played an FPS game and we wanted to show her the world of FPS shooters. I appreciate the kindness the two of you showed us during said games.


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karbonMAYne 14 Haz @ 20:56 
Yo, can I sign your profile? Thanks -karbonMAYne 2019
V!tam!n A(im)💊 28 May @ 15:43 
Hi bro :csgogun: °°° $ign my profile plzzz, thx & gl <3 :steammocking: :steamhappy: