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Beware of impersonators! Always check to see if the Steam profile leads here!


+ Steam level 103

+ Public inventory

+ Some big ass CSGO containers

+ A shop
Some important info if you'd like to trade with me!

1. I only sell my items on or for TF2 items, I do not accept cash trades outside of MP!

If you don't have enough to buy the item instantly and would like to to reserve that item, I'll take 10% of the item's value as a deposit! If you do not wish to buy the item anymore when you have the keys, that 10% will not be returned as people ran away too many times :(

2. I do not trade with Scammers / Fencers / Launderers. Just stay away from me.

Just don't even try.

3. I can also buy your items(Unusuals, Skins, Backpacks) for Pure Keys or Paypal !

You'll have to go first if it's a cash trade, and I'll pay the fees if the trade totals to more than 200$!

4. We're all humans, it's not that hard to be nice to each other. Expect me to be a ♥♥♥♥ if you are just as rude.

5. Make sure we won't waste time!

Make sure the offer is fair!

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