Aiden (Twitch)
Just a wandering wizard
Yes I do have a channel, no I don't do alot of videos
I went from lvl 23 to 93
Currently Online
Im bored so I did this
My In-game progress:
Casual: Tier 8 lvl 101
Competitive: Expert assassin II (Rank 12)
MvM: Tour. 121

What I like:
1. Team fortress 2
2. Nuclear throne
3. Music

What do I main in tf2:
(In non-specific order)

What I do most of my time:
playing and listening to music

100 killstreak any class (PB: 75 demoknight)

MvM aussie drops:
Two cities

Tour 62: Australium knife
Tour 92: Australium SMG

Gear grinder:
Tour 1: Australium blutsauger


Q: where do I put the questions?
A: in the comments, they will be hung up here later

UGC Season 27 (Silver)
KnightComp season 1

'Well if its legal loli I dont mind"
"Im a weaboo so I dont care"
“Dammit mimidollars”
-Mimi 2018
"My fetish is peter griffin"
-WasabiBoi 2019
"im gonna kermit sewer slide"
-Supernova 2019
"how do I jerk off underwater?"
"I am not possible"
-The hat of the hats 2019
"tike ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ myson"
"if you punch an enderman's testies and you kill the enderman at the same time, do they come out as enderpearl dust or just powdered jizz?"
-Aheadofderb 2019
"stop stuffing face in your mouth"
-Felaxi 2019
"Holy ♥♥♥♥ thats people"
"yewish jetis and rewish yobots are taking over"
-The hat of hats 2020
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8,456 Hours played
I sometimes question my sanity, mostly my stupidity
Favorite Game
Hours played
🔥 Champion 🔥 Aug 7 @ 12:25pm 
keep playing passive asf nn closet
Odin's balls Aug 4 @ 11:17pm 
TofuBoi Fujiwara #SAVETF2 Jul 25 @ 2:04am 
+rep pretty awesome I respect his gameplay
Odin's balls Jul 15 @ 11:49pm 
the bank aiden the bank
Aiden (Twitch) Jul 15 @ 10:17pm 
ah, fair enough, have fun and remember: there's still a lot of time
r0nii Jul 15 @ 3:15pm 
I know it since yesterday, can't play now bcuz i'm on holiday