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--Scroll down for updated (spoiler free) review after completion--

I tried to keep myself away from spoilers as much as possible before playing this and after only 5 hours this is not an in depth look at the game.

Just know that if you like Platinum Games, action games in general or hyper robot action, you should play this.

In my 5 hours of playing I have been surprised by the story, laughed at some of the silliness (such as removing your OS chip to instantly end the game), shouted "WTF!?" when I saw a robot caring for a robot baby and felt sad for a couple of story events near the beginning.

The combat system seems pretty good. Not sure if it's got the same depth as Bayonetta, but it flows well and has a decent amount of customisation, no complaints here.

Graphics are amazing. Yeah, there are a few random not so great textures and you should look up the FAR mod no matter how good your PC is. I'm running on a GTX 1060 with most settings at max and hover around 60fps at 1080p.

Music and sound are well done and all fit. I'm going to have to hunt for the soundtrack.

Anyway, this is just a quick review to add to the "recommend" pile.

--Updated (spoiler free) review--

Nier:Automata was instantly on my wish list the moment I heard about it, since Platinum is one of my favourite developers. I kept away from spoilers, because what's the point? I always knew I would play the game. If you want some idea of whether or not this game is for you without spoilers, keep reading.

Game play:
The majority of the time you will be running around hacking up enemies in a traditional third person perspective. However, the game will from time to time shift to being a sidescroller, top down brawler, scrolling shmup, twin stick shmup, and Starfox-esque on rails shooter.
Regarding the various shmup sections, they are not the top tier of shmup action, but they don't appear all that often and they are done well enough to not tarnish the rest of the game. They also don't overstay their welcome.
As for the meat, the third person hack'n'slash action, it's great. If you have played other Platinum games, you will know what to expect, though it does a few things to mix things up. There is a nice assortment of weapons, with their own combos and various special features (such as absorbing health from cutting bullets or detonating combo finishers).

This is easy. The sound effects all fit. The music is a really nice mix of orchestral, pop, cute/funny and electronic styles. I had to get the soundtrack before I even finished the game. The game has English and Japanese voices. Usually I would default to Japanese (assuming that's it's source country), but since English was selected by default, I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the English dub was (given how terrible they can be).

Overall really pretty. There are a few issues, like the occasional muddy texture or detail levels popping in and out, but nothing to really break the overall presentation. The art design (for my tastes) is spot on and a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of games that aim for pure realism. The style is somewhat "realistic", but stylised enough to have it's own identity and not take you to uncanny valley.

Story (no spoilers, I promise):
I came in completely blind and if possible, I suggest you do the same. I knew there would be robots, and didn't expect much more than that. I was completely happy to play an action game with that backdrop. I was very (VERY) pleasantly surprised. The story has depth I didn't think would be here. I am not ashamed to admit that I got "hit in the feels" multiple times. I honestly can't remember the last time a games story and characters had this much of an impact on me.

If you want an action game with a decent story, nice graphics and a great soundtrack, it doesn't get much better than this. Honestly, this is one of the best games I've ever played.

There are a whole bunch of issues with certain PC hardware, though I didn't experience any myself (using a laptop with a GTX1060, i7 CPU, Win10). Check the forums and definitely download the FAR mod. This can help increase performance and fixes some issues. Having read up in advance, I installed the FAR mod before I even started playing the game. The only issue I ran into was it displaying on the wrong monitor and the game resetting my camera config (ONLY the camera config, nothing else for some reason). Annoying for sure, but easily fixable and hardly a deal breaker.
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