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A Story About My Uncle is a first person adventure platformer by Gone North Games, the same developers behind Goat Simulator. You must jump, grapple, and rocket boot your way through amazing locations in order to find your Uncle Fred.

A Story About My Uncle (which I will now on abbreviate to ASAMU) is an extraordinarily beautiful game for a US $12.99 indie title. The worlds/levels you must traverse are outstanding. From dark icy caves to floating islands, the art department at Gone North Games have my complete respect for the way they were able to construct such a beautiful world. The only complaint I have regarding visuals would be the humanoid creatures you encounter (the Villagers and the Strays). Although they don't look too good, they aren't a major part of the game and you can avoid them for the most part if you'd like.

Audio & Soundtrack
The soundtrack for ASAMU is for the most part really well done. I quite enjoy the Main Theme of ASAMU as it really sets the tone for the game; an adventure game with a deep sentimental backstory. Most of the music in the ASAMU soundtrack is extremely adventurous enhances the adventure atmosphere of the game. I don't really like the music in the Caves (the first few levels of the game) but the music only improves more and more after you emerge from the dark caves. Overall the music is really well done.

The voice acting, however, is in my opinion poorly done. The voice acting for the main character and his daughter were pretty well done and I quite enjoyed listening to their voices. The voices of pretty ever other character in the game were godawful. I couldn't stand their voices, and I often wished that they would get to the point.

Oh my, what do I even say about the gameplay. What I can say from the getgo, however, is that the gameplay of ASAMU had me HOOKED! I absolutely love the feeling of intense freedom and adventure when you grapple and fly through the air across mystical islands and caves. I really enjoy the artificial feeling of zipping through the skies and finding your way across the expansive worlds. ASAMU is a platformer game unlike no other platformer. You have the power of magical crystals at your disposal, allowing you to jump great heights, grapple, and rocket boot your way towards your long-lost uncle. After beating ASAMU, I found myself constantly craving another game to quall my lust for more adventure.

My only complaint with the gameplay aspect of the game is that I often get lost in the huge levels. There aren't any markers that point you to where you are supposed to go, so you can find yourself at the start of the level by accident like I did many times.

A Story About My Uncle isn't really a story about the protaganists uncle. It is however, a story about your adventure finding your uncle, an adventurer who found his way into a new world (which is all I'm going to explain without spoiling the story). ASAMU is a rather short game. I managed to beat the game in 2-3 hours with the rest of my time either idling or replaying levels that I really enjoyed. I feel like the story was really hindered by the poor voice acting but the exposition delivered by the main character and his daughter are sufficient in getting the point of the story across. You play as a father retelling the story of him travelling to another world to save his uncle who had been missing for quite some time. Along the way you meet many different people and traverse incredible areas. ASAMU is truly a story to experience if you can get past the voice acting.

Final Thoughts
Overall I really enjoyed ASAMU. If you enjoy First Person Platformers or Platformers in general, I think you'd have a blast in ASAMU. The game is rather short and pretty easy to beat, so if you don't have too much time to play then I suggest you try out ASAMU. Although there is no sequel or prequel to ASAMU, you can replay levels to reaquaint yourself with jumping through the skies.

Graphics: 8.4/10
Audio: 7.2/10
Gameplay: 9.0/10
Overall: 8.2/10

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