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Personal Achievements

First day on the job

Finally reach the end of your first day.

Protector of Love

Unlock all of Yuki's CG scenes.

Destroyer of Sorrow

Unlock all of Hikari's CG scenes.

The Outcast

Unlock all of Ayame's CG scenes.

Full Album

Unlock all of the CG scenes in the game.


Acquire your own wand.

Not funny

Put an end to a forest sprite's pranks.

Destroyed by love

Witness the full power of the love laser.

The stars are not right

Defeat an ancient evil.


Use negative karma.

Choices, choices

Make every available choice in the game.

A peaceful cruise

Enjoy a peaceful cruise with the girls.

Embarrassment and Profit

See Yuki while she’s doing promotion work.

Love lost

Learn of Ayame’s past.

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